Marvel Studios What If…? Mystery Mini Collectibles Coming from Funko

Following the events of Loki, the multiverse was created, and it was time to dive into a new frontier. I was quite curious how Marvel Studios was going to handle this next adventure with the animated, What If…? series.  When all was said and done, What If…? was truly an incredible series with some amazing characters, a fantastic voice cast, and the finale that really blew fans away. With an incredible series like this, a lot of collectors have wanted to get their hands on collectibles for the show. We have seen quite a few companies take on the challenge like Hot Toys, Hasbro, Iron Studios, and of course, and Funko. When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Funko really delivers with a massive line of characters that many companies never even cover. However, Pop Vinyls are not the only thing Funko creates, and they have recently revealed they will be making a special wave of their infamous Mystery Minis figures for Marvel Studios What If…?. The first wave of Funko What If…? Mystery Minis will consist of:

  • Captain Carter Stealth Suit
  • T'Challa Star Lord
  • Zombie Captain America
  • Infinity Ultron
  • Gamora in Thanos Armor
  • Erik Killmonger
  • Apocalypse Black Widow
  • Party Thor
  • Frost Giant Loki
  • Doctor Strange Supreme
  • Zombie Scarlet Witch
  • Zombie Hunter Spider-Man
  • The Watcher in Power Armor

The wave of Funko What If…? Mystery Minis features 12 characters from the animated series giving collectors a  nice cast of characters to aquire. Most of these figures are just reiterations of upcoming Pop Vinyl figures but feature a little more animated design with their miniaturized format. Some are highlighted Minis in this wave consist of a Frost Giant Loki, Infinity Ultron, and of course the one and only The Watcher in his power armor. Ratios have been revealed at this time for this set, so it will be unclear who will be the rarest of the series. Due to popular demand, I won't be surprised if Frost Giant Loki or The Watcher end up being a 1/72 ratio figure. Collectors can purchase a whole box of Mystery Minis right here for $67.99 or try your luck with the set of 4 for $24.99 here. All of these minis are set to release in February 2022, and be sure to check out all of the What If…? Pops coming from Funko right here.

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