Marvel's Jordan White Teases the Return of Professor X

Power-mad Marvel Editor Jordan White hosted the former Twitter hashtag known as #XMenMonday for the second week at Adventures in Poor Taste, and he used the opportunity to tease the return of an important X-Men character: Professor X!

The professor has technically been floating around the Marvel Universe as X, a psychically resurrected version of himself occupying the body of Fantomex, who chose to remain in the astral plane so Xavier could live again in the most recent Astonishing X-Men series. However, when asked when we might see X again, White responded with teaser image that appears to show the original professor, though he has developed an additional mutant power of having an AIPT watermark on his face:

White prefaced the reveal by explaining that he doesn't like to spoil things…

Before I answer, I do want to say that a LOT of the questions people submit are, "When are we going to see <insert character> again?" and I know it's because you love the characters so much… but just know that those ARE spoiler questions. It's really difficult–there are TOO MANY X-Men characters. That's not to say that I am trying to get rid of them, or that there are ones I am deeming not worth of existing, I just mean there are numerically so many that it's pretty much impossible to keep them all active at all times. How to deal with that is one of the struggles the X-Office has had to reckon with. Do you have them all live together in the mansion and reduce like half the characters to walk-by cameos? Do you have everyone move away and just not appear until there is a story that specifically calls for them? Both of those have been used, and both have their plusses and minuses.

Before spoiling that Professor X will indeed return in an upcoming comic:

But a lot of times, bringing back a character that has not been in the spotlight is something the writer is using for dramatic effect in the story, so it's risky for me to just be like, "You'll see that character here and this one there," etc. I try to be vague for that reason. Matt and Ed and everyone I am working with won't necessarily want that info out there.

So, to your specific question, I cannot tell you when or where you will see Professor X again… but of course he will be back. He founded the X-Men, he is incredibly important to their past and their future, and we'll be exploring his role in both.

In other #XmenMonday news, AIPT's Chris Hassan has clearly turned heel on us, as he refused once again to ask White our question about when Chris Claremont will be allowed to write an ongoing series. We'll continue to submit the question each week in hopes Hassan will see reason and help get to the bottom of this important issue.

You can read White's full Q&A here.


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