Matthew Rosenberg Reveals Shocking Secrets of Marvel Creative Summit

Aside from the Bilderberg Group or the Bohemian Grove, few meetings are shrouded in secrecy like Marvel's semi-annual creative summits. Inside the walls of these covert gatherings, comics industry elite plot super-mega-crossover events that will shake the Marvel Universe to its foundations, long-term creative directions for the Marvel Universe that will be dropped as soon as the next super-mega-crossover event happens, and sometimes matters of the life or death of beloved fictional characters. For the first time, a member of that elite club has come forward with a shocking account of a creative summit that would alter the fate of what that creator calls "the best superhero ever" before he was ever born. On Twitter, Matthew Rosenberg — that's right, he's still, he's still Matty from the block — pulled back the curtain on this secretive comic book cabal and the time Rosenberg's own inability to recognize social cues led to the premature death of an incredible character known only as Man-Man.

Matthew Rosenberg (right) appears on a Marvel video with fellow comics elite Jason Aaron
Matthew Rosenberg (right) appears on a Marvel video with fellow comics elite Jason Aaron (left).

"When the idea of Infinity Warps first came up at a Marvel summit, everyone was very excited about it," said Rosenberg, referring to the  It is a really fun idea. So we were all given a few minutes to sit around and design some fun characters to combine. Honestly it was about as excited as I've ever seen the room. Folks were just giddy to throw all these characters together and create new fun things.

"Then we went around the room and everyone could make one or two suggestions to go up on a big whiteboard. Everyone had great ideas- Skottie, Jason, Kelly, Donny, everyone just coming with cool and fun mashups. It got to my turn and I said 'We should combine Multiple Man and Man-Thing.' Everyone laughed. I had a good one on my hands."

Of course, Marvel Comics already has a "Multiple Man-Thing" — Wolverine, who has two dicks, one for f**king and one for making love. But Rosenberg had something else in mind.

Artwork by Esad Ribic seemingly confirms the longstanding theory that Wolverine has two dicks.

"They yelled 'put it on the board!' triumphantly," Rosenberg continued. "Everyone was pleased. I had nailed it. And then the person in charge of the board wrote down 'MULTIPLE MAN + MAN-THING = MULTIPLE THING' And that's where it all went wrong."

And that's where it all went wrong.

"I said 'No, it's called Man-Man.'" Rosenberg revealed. "People chuckled. The conversation started to move on. I held my ground. I think it has to be called Man-Man. That's the best name.' Silence. At the end of that discussion Man-Man was dead, I had killed him by loving him too much. And the world would never get to meet the worst superhero with the best superhero name ever."

Now that Rosenberg has revealed the existence of Man-Man to the world, will it force Marvel to rethink its plans and bring back the Infinity Warps for another round just to include him? It may be the most important thing in the entire world to be decided this month.

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