"Mel Caylo Is No Longer With Boom! Studios," Says Automatic Email Reply

In 1998, Mel Caylo became an Associate Editor for Wizard Magazine before being promoted to Managing Editor in 2000. Taking a break to launch and run a bubble tea shop called Felicitea in Upper Manhattan's West Side in 2002, he returned to Wizard as an Editorial Director in 2004.

"Mel Caylo Is No Longer With Boom! Studios," Says Automatic Email Reply

In 2008, he made the jump to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Top Cow Studios, which is where I first became familiar with his work, before becoming a marketing manager at Archaia the year after. The purchase of Archaia by Boom! Studios saw him become Marketing Manager for Boom! in 2013. And he became an ever-present face of the company at shows, conventions and for PR.

As of yesterday, however, emails to Mel were returned with this message:

Thank you for reaching out. Mel Caylo is no longer with BOOM! Studios.

Someone from the Marketing team will respond to you shortly.

His Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don't yet reflect the change, and PR emails are still being sent out this morning from his old email address. It just seems that Mel is no longer actually writing them. As of yesterday, he was still tweeting out promotional messages for the publisher.

We reached out to Boom! representatives and to Mel himself for clarification, but no statements are being made. However, we understand that it is a result of company reorganisation — nothing more.

It's always been a pleasure working with Mel, and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I hope he'll land on his feet somewhere, with his experience, contacts and general bonhomie, he should be a catch for anyone. We look forward to seeing whatever Mel does, wherever he chooses to do it.

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