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Mike Choi Told About X-Men '97's Bastion in a Panel Q&A (Spoilers)

Former X-Men artist Mike Choi posts to social media on learning about his design of Bastion being used in X-Men 97

Article Summary

  • Mike Choi discovers his Bastion design in X-Men '97 at a panel Q&A.
  • Choi reflects on the importance of recognition for creators' resumes.
  • Industry peers share experiences and value of public credit for designs.
  • Discussion highlights the impact of acknowledgment on creators' careers.

Comic book creator and former X-Men artist Mike Choi posts to social media "At a Fanexpo panel Q&A someone asked how I felt about my design of Bastion being in X-men 97 and I responded that I was pretty sure they were mistaken because I had no idea but sure enough there it is. On one hand it's really cool to see as a fan who happens to be a creator/ On the other hand I would have loved to not have found out at a panel Q&A. I think it's really cool, not to mention flattering, nor am I wanting more money, but we survive professionally by staying relevant, and public acknowledgements help our resumes and our staying employed."

Mike Choi Told About X-Men '97's Bastion in a Panel Q&A (Spoilers)

Bastion, one of the big bads of nineties and noughties X-Men, gained this new design in X-Force #26 in 2010, part of the Second Coming event. Mike Choi adds "Please don't think I'm complaining, nor do I think this is a result of any wrongdoing or even neglect, but being able to put in my resume that I did the original comic book design of a successful TV show's big bad boss's final form could only help me stay relevant and employable. And had it not been for a panel attendee having the right background knowledge to ask a very specific question I might never have known. Accolades themselves aren't a currency I can spend but a company who might hire me based on accolades can pay me in one that pays my bills."

Personally, I know a number of people who only found out that their work was being used in a movie or TV show when they read it on Bleeding Cool. Sometimes with credit, sometimes not, sometimes with a small cheque, often not. Bleeding Cool is always happy to point this out though.

Mike Choi and Bastion

Jamie McKelvie, known for designing the modern looks for Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel, replied to Mike saying, "This is why I have always been so public and vocal about my design WFH. Some people have been quite snide about it, like it's an ego thing. But when my designs are used in movies, TV shows and games, my name is brought up in a lot of the surrounding press, for the reasons you say."

Justin Jordan replied  "It's been somewhat harmful to my career that the various adaptations of my stuff have largely been unannounced.
I don't work for exposure, but at the same time, exposure in that sense can be valuable."

Reilly Brown added "Well, if they ever make a Marvel Legends figure, and display it at comic con, you might be able to talk one of the Hasbro guys into giving it to you. So there's that!"

Here's the final scene…

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