Modern Fantasy #3 Review: Adorable, Funny, Exciting

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Sage and her friends begin their training to save the world from the fire demon they expect to be summoned on the last equinox. They begin with training videos, but they don't go well. Instead, they go the local gym and work on their skills there. Meanwhile, Gundra begins visiting Spenser at work and causing trouble at his job.

Modern Fantasy #3 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk
Modern Fantasy #3 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy #3 continues to up the charm and strength of the characters by developing and deepening their relationships and character traits. Despite the high fantasy elements of the comic, these feel like very believable individuals who have just happened to stumble upon something incredibly important and dangerous.

Bock-Darr has to be my favorite though. He looks out for Sage, is dedicated to his job, and has what fun he can find in his life. He also uses big honking axes and swords and loves them.

The fantasy jokes manage to stay fresh despite the constant use. Honestly, "cromdammit" still gets a chuckle out of me.

The plot can get a little slowed down by the comics need to rattle off jokes and references, so, if you're looking for a climactic issue, this isn't the one.

Modern Fantasy #3 art by Kristen Gudsnuk
Modern Fantasy #3 art by Kristen Gudsnuk

Kristen Gudsnuk's artwork continues to be strong, and it still adds a lot of appreciated cuteness to the book. Even the large and muscular Bock-Darr honestly looks a little cuddly. That said, the comic can turn intense when it needs to as is exhibited by the final page of the book. The color work is once again vibrant and appealing, suiting the tone perfectly.

Modern Fantasy #3 is another fantastically charismatic comic book from the team of Rafer Roberts and Kristen Gudsnuk. These two creators have crafted something wonderful with this series, and it's quickly climbing to be one of my favorite books from Dark Horse. This one comes highly recommended. Give it a read.

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