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Motor Crush #7 Review: Dom Is Back In Town, And Nothing Is The Same

Motor Crush is back, and we finally get to find out where Domino has been. Motor Crush #6 gave us plenty of backstory and a healthy dose of appreciation for Sully, but now it's time for our girl to get back in the mix — and #7 does not disappoint.

Motor Crush #7 Review: Dom Is Back In Town, And Nothing Is The Same

Dom has been gone for two years, and a ton has changed. Her little stunt with crush went viral in her absence and Nova Honda has adapted to show that. Gone is the peaceful, pastel world we knew; in comes the dystopian state.

It feels like a little bit of a stretch that things have gone so drastically wrong in such a short time, but with the fantastic writing of the Motor Crush team, I'm ready to believe whatever they're selling. And after such a public reaction to what most had seen as a "machine narcotic", it's not too hard to believe that the media influenced such heavy crackdowns. If anything, their writing takes a semi-believable situation and uses it to build a new world out of what we once knew of Nova.

Motor Crush #7 Review: Dom Is Back In Town, And Nothing Is The Same

This is not exactly a happy issue; it aims at your emotions and exploits the hell out of them. Most notably, this is done with Lola. Two years is a long time to wait, and she's moved on from the will-they won't-they relationship she once had with Dom. Once again, the team swoops in with great writing and does a great job of avoiding the "catty ex" trope. Lola's new flame is shown to be a reasonably level-headed woman and a total sweetheart. However, she does bear a striking resemblance to Dom. Either Lola has a type or this is a setup for a dangerous dose of I'm-not-over-you.

Babs Tarr does such a fantastic job at capturing the poignant moments in this issue. Motor Crush has always had her beautiful, dreamy art and smooth colors, but this is an issue where they really shine. The pop-like, candy-coated fashion and colorful scenery is dimmed down somewhat for the sleek metal of the enforcers. Their sharp contrast to the soft world around them is the perfect backdrop for the brutality of their actions. The colors are soft without being weak, moments are poignant and bolstered by the palette, and the expressions are killer.

Motor Crush #7 is an all-around fantastic issue sure to please the fans. It's available now for $3.99.

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