Multiversity Directors Cut Drops Ivan Reis For Frank Quitely

MULTIV_Cv1_pencilsThe Multiversity Directors Cut #1 was solicited as a special version of Multiversity #1.

It was meant to come out last week. It didn't. And, for some reason, it has completely changed content.

This issue is written by Grant Morrison, with art and cover by Frank Quitely. It spotlights Quitely pencil artwork, and the Multiverse poster designed by Rian Hughes from Grant Morrison's notes! Also included are preliminary character designs by Morrison and Quitely, and more!

Instead of featuring behind-the-scenes of the first issue, it will now feature the Pax Americana issue, taking on the Charlton heroes by way of Watchmen.

How very peculiar. Could it be down to copies of issue 1 still being available but Pax Americana selling out? Ivan Reis having nothing interesting to say? Grant Morrison talking about Alan Moore? Anyone?

It has also been delayed from February to April…

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