NBC Nightly News Tonight to Feature Chip Reece, Whose Comic 'Metaphase' Was Inspired by Son with Down Syndrome

Comic book fans may want to tune into NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt tonight. Chip Reece, writer of the graphic novel Metaphase, will be featured in an interview on tonight's show. Alterna Comics, publisher of the comic, sent out a news alert about the interview.

METAPHASE (2015) is about a boy who has Down syndrome and wants to be a superhero like his father. The story is inspired by Chip's son Ollie and features art by Kelly Williams.

"My son, at the age of one, had shown more strength than anyone I'd known at any age, with two major heart defects and Down syndrome," said Reece, writing about the project for Bleeding Cool in 2013. "Like many of the heroes we've all grown up with, Ollie had overcome great adversity and lived to tell a story. A story I believe that couldn't be told as anything other than a superhero story."

"So, that brings us to the graphic novel I'm writing, Metaphase," he continued. "The story will star Ollie (imagine that!), a boy with Down syndrome who will learn what it truly means to be 'super,' inspired by my real life superhero son! The father in the story is one of those super-strong invulnerable types, and like me, couldn't do a darn thing to help his kid. Really all that was left was to hope and pray that he'd make it."

Billed as the most-watched evening news program in America, NBC Nightly News airs at 6:30PM Eastern. The exposure for a comic not made by Marvel, DC, or Robert Kirkman is a pretty big deal, especially as the comic is readily available digitally and in print, meaning viewers could check it out as soon as the interview airs (or now, if you're reading this). Alterna has made strides toward exposing comics to the mainstream throughout 2017 with a common sense publishing strategy including a line of affordably priced newsprint comics and global distribution deals aimed at making comics accessible to a mass audience.

Reece and Metaphase were previously featured on rival CBS News back in November.

NBC Nightly News Tonight to Feature Chip Reece, Whose Comic 'Metaphase' Was Inspired by Son with Down Syndrome

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