Oh Look, Neil Gaiman is Part Of Marvel Comics #1000 Too

Bleeding Cool has been talking about Marvel Comics #1000 for a few days now, but today it all went official. And while we managed to grab 55 of the creative teams, there are still another 25 to nail down. Well, we think this might be another one. The comic published in August will be made up of 80 one-page stories, each from a different team, each representing a year between 1939 and 2019, with Al Ewing as the mastermind weaving them all together. And Marvel Comics believe somehow they will sell a million. Could it be Loot Crate? Disney Plus? Something else entirely?

Well, one thing that will help is having Neil Gaiman write one of the pages. And there he is. Under G.

Oh Look, Neil Gaiman is Part Of Marvel Comics #1000 Too

Oh, and will you look who is under B. Mark Buckingham.

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham? Remember, it's just a one-pager… and unlikely to be anything Miraculous. Not yet anyway.

Other people of note who haven't previously been noted include Rob Liefeld, Priest, Joe Quesada,  Jonathan Hickman, Mark Bright, Chris Weston… who they are all teamed with, or if they'll be solo – we don't know, as of yet. We will soon though… oh go on, let's run the list. 122 names so far…

  1. Jason Aaron
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  3. Daniel Acuna
  4. Saladin Ahmed
  5. Michael Allred
  6. Kris Anka
  7. Kia Asamiya
  8. Jen Bartel
  9. Joe Bennett
  10. Nick Bradshaw
  11. Doug Braithwaite
  12. Mark Bright
  13. Ed Brisson
  14. Mark Buckingham
  15. Kurt Busiek
  16. Juann Cabal
  17. Cafu
  18. John Cassaday
  19. Joshua Cassara
  20. Donny Cates
  21. Jim Cheung
  22. Chris Claremont
  23. Gerry Conway
  24. Peter David
  25. Alan Davis
  26. Kelly Sue Deconnick
  27. Tom Defalco
  28. Mattia De Iulis
  29. Mike Deodato
  30. Gerry Duggan
  31. Steve Epting
  32. Al Ewing
  33. Eve L. Ewing
  34. Jorge Fornes
  35. Ron Frenz
  36. Neil Gaiman
  37. Ron Garney
  38. Kieron Gillen
  39. Patrick Gleason Glen
  40. David Gold
  41. Adam F. Goldberg
  42. Butch Guice
  43. Gabriel Hardman
  44. James Harren
  45. Allan Heinberg
  46. Jonathan Hickman
  47. Joe Hill
  48. Tini Howard
  49. James Monroe Iglehart
  50. Leonard Kirk
  51. Irene Koh
  52. Pepe Larraz
  53. Erik Larsen
  54. Jeff Lemire
  55. David Lopez
  56. Phil Lord
  57. Marcos Martin
  58. Ed McGuinness
  59. Kathryn Immonen
  60. Stuart Immonen
  61. J. J. Kirby
  62. Adam Kubert
  63. Derek Landy
  64. Salvador Larroca
  65. Jason Latour
  66. Rob Liefeld
  67. Jeph Loeb
  68. David Mandel
  69. Oscar Martin
  70. Steve McNiven
  71. Christopher Miller
  72. Ryan North
  73. Phil Noto
  74. Greg Pak
  75. Goran Parlov
  76. George Perez
  77. Jason Reynolds
  78. Adam Riches
  79. Leonardo Romero
  80. Matthew Rosenberg
  81. Steve Rude
  82. Jesus Saiz
  83. Tim Sale
  84. Dan Slott
  85. Cory Smith
  86. Paco Medina
  87. Brad Meltzer
  88. Takeshi Miyazawa
  89. Chris Mooneyham
  90. Raymond Obstfeld
  91. Carlos Pacheco
  92. Priest
  93. Joe Quesada
  94. Rod Reis
  95. Eduardo Risso
  96. Javier Rodriguez
  97. Alex Ross
  98. Rainbow Rowell
  99. Chris Samnee,
  100. Geoff Shaw
  101. Gail Simone
  102. Walter Simonson
  103. Charles Soule
  104. Cameron Stewart
  105. J. Michael Straczynski
  106. Taboo
  107. Tom Taylor
  108. Julian Totino Tedesco
  109. Roy Thomas
  110. Kelly Thompson
  111. Jeffrey Veregge
  112. Mark Waid
  113. David F. Walker
  114. Christian Ward
  115. Dustin Weaver
  116. Chris Weston
  117. Toby Whithouse
  118. Jeremy Whitley
  119. Leinil Francis Yu
  120. Chip Zdarsky
  121. Patch Zircher
  122. Jim Zub

& Many More!

TOLDJA: Marvel Comics #1000

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