New Allegation That Stan Lee Groped the Wife of a Comic Book Creator Last Year

This week, MailOnline ran two exclusive stories dealing with allegations of sexual harassment by the 95-year-old Marvel Universe co-creator Stan Lee against a number of nurses attending his home, from a nursing care company, and a hotel massage therapist at C2E2. These allegations were described by his lawyers as a "shakedown". After each of those reports, there have also been many people who come out to state that Lee has always behaved "like a gentleman" towards women and men alike, even in the eras of Mad Men-style casual sexist and racist office culture. One example of him using "blue" language when approving the Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel costume has been referred to, but precious little else. Bleeding Cool has also looked at further details of these claims from Alan Duke, producer on Crime Stories With Nancy Grace, who has been closely involved with these allegations.


Two days ago, a prominent comic book creator offered an alternative perspective after reading these reports, writing online about attending a comic book convention last year and meeting Lee again:

Ah man. I only believe this because the last time I saw Stan, he gave my wife a little grope and an extended kiss. I thought it was funny at first because he's Stan Lee, he was 94 at the time and while strange, I thought harmless. My wife even cracked up. But reading this story, makes it a lot less funny.

And his wife joined the thread to back it up, saying:

True story, at the time thinking about it it was funny. Little old man, comic legend, he pulled me on to his lap and full on kisses me. I laughed it off. But yeah that totally happened to me too?

When others doubted such such accusations, she doubled down.

So you're saying I wasn't groped and he didn't try to stick his tongue down my throat while my husband was watching during a meet and greet? That was 6 months ago btw.

And a very senior A-List creator added:

I remember you telling me this at the time it happened. I am sorry this happened to you. I remember how much you looked forward to meeting him that day.

While the original artist added:

I've known Stan for over 30 years. I hope none of the allegations are true. Facts remain that the allegations are plausible. If I hadn't had seen a small degree of it with my own eyes, I would be in full on defending Stan mode.

Bleeding Cool has been asked not to identify the couple, but the artist is well known and a relative veteran in the comics and TV industry. Stan Lee's attorney, who has denied the allegations made by the Daily Mail/Mail Online, did not return enquiring emails and messages sent by Bleeding Cool two days ago, but we will run any such comment sent in reply to us.

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