Nothing Lasts Forever Review – A Powerful And Hopeful Insight To A Life

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Nothing Lasts Forever by Sina Grace
Nothing Lasts Forever by Sina Grace

Nothing Lasts Forever by Sina Grace is a powerful, poignant look into the life of the artist.

Told through a series of rough sketches, doodles and more, it really gives the idea of the thoughts and ideas of the creator translating onto the page as they happen.

We follow Sina Grace as he continues to pursue the next step in his career, and then not just working out what he wants out of his future career-wise, but also romantically and in his relationships. Throw into all of this a sudden illness that derails his life for some time, and we follow Grace through a very turbulent time.

But what the story of this book ultimately reveals is exactly what the title suggests: nothing lasts forever, even the bad times and the troubles that seem to haunt us will pass, so we can't stall our lives. To do so could risk being stuck in them longer than is needed.

Grace lays his heart on the page, as well as pretty much every other body part inside and out, and this intimacy and vulnerability creates a deeply affecting work that I think many will relate to. I, for one, found a few instances that felt so dramatically recognised in my own life, I had to put the book down and walk away to think for a while.

The book bleeds honesty and openness, and it's deeply affecting and a wonderful piece of art. It shares not just aspects of the queer experience, but life experience in such a way that readers of all walks of life will be able to relate. It's wonderful that a publisher puts out this kind of work. It's startling that it's the same publisher putting out far more questionable material that makes one question their commitment as an LGBTQ ally. But in Nothing Lasts Forever, they have given platform to a queer creator to create something beautiful, and allowed him the opportunity to share a part of himself and the connection that builds in the reader  – a great addition for Pride Month.

Nothing Lasts Forever, just as Not My Bag and Self-Obsessed before it proved, is a wonderful snapshot into the life of Grace, with profound moments of realisation and self-discovery that all can relate to.

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