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The Russians Are Here – The Ad Running In New York, Los Angeles And Washington

Talk of the Russians have been flooding television news for months and months. Investigations on Capital Hill, undisclosed meetings with Russian officials and talk of collusion made Thursday's televised testimony by former FBI Director James Comey one of the most watched events of the week. And now Deadline has pointed out a full-page ad running […]

Captain America Begs Trump To Tweet During Comey Hearings

Captain America may not even know what Myspace is, but Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America in Marvel's superhero universe, is an expert at Twitter. The star has used the social media platform to carry out a war with former KKK leader David Duke, and now he's using it to encourage President of the […]

And Now… Comic Folk React To Donald Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey

Whenever an event of global significance happens, the first thing we think about is always: what do notable comic book folk think about this? And we know you think about too, because Bleeding Cool's long-running series of articles, Comic Folk React To…, has been wildly successful and continues to bring in unique clicks from everybody […]