Now David Duchovny Co-Writes A Sci-Fi Comic Book, Kepler

Boom Studios has Keanu Reeves. Legendary has Oscar Isaac and Image Comics has Emilia Clarke. And now Dark Horse Comics has X-Files star David Duchovny, co-writing a new graphic novel with writer/artist Phillip Sevy of Tomb Raider and Triage, called Kepler, to be published in November. Forbes gets the PR…

Inspired by allegorical sci-fi touchstones such as 1968's Planet of the Apes, the story unfolds on the titular planet of Kepler, where homo sapiens went extinct and other hominid species thrived. The peaceful existence of this world is suddenly threatened with the return of "benevolent space gods" known as the Bendaem, who leave nothing but chaos in their wake. West, a 16-year-old Neanderthal with mixed hominid heritage, turns out to be Kepler's only hope at exposing the gods and preventing total extinction. Themes of environmental disaster, colonialism, religion, history, and adolescence collide in this cautionary thriller (on sale from Dark Horse this November) that David Duchovnyhopes will serve as a major wake-up call. "What if we, humans got another chance with a fresh new world we hadn't depleted and polluted?" the actor muses over email. "What if we entered into a new phase of colonization, space colonization — would we have learned from our genocidal colonial past? And what if, instead of indigenous peoples we were displacing and decimating, we came upon other types of hominids from our distant earth past? Neanderthals, Denisovans, and other intelligent evolving primates native to Kepler. Would we treat them as the evolutionary brothers and sisters they are? Or would we play God and try to remake them and this planet in our own image? I guess this graphic novel is my working out the answer to those questions."

Kepler by David Duchovny and Phillip Sevy will be published in hardcover from Dark Horse Comics in comic shops on the 16th of November, and from bookstores and Amazon from the 29th of November.

Now David Duchoveney Co-Writes A Sci-Fi Comic Book, Kepler
Now David Duchovny Co-Writes A Sci-Fi Comic Book, Kepler

When the Benadem, benevolent space gods, return to KEPLER, a planet where homo sapiens went extinct and all other hominid species thrived, their arrival threatens to plunge the world into chaos. West, a 16-year-old Neanderthal girl, is thrust into the conflict and is the only hope to prevent extinction. Her efforts, unique because of her mixed hominid heritage, not only change her life, but also reveal the merciless ambition and identity of the gods themselves.  In the tradition of Planet of the Apes, KEPLER is an allegorical thriller of environmental disaster, colonialism, religion, history, and adolescence told through the eyes of a lonely outsider.


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