Page 616 – Blind Item From Toronto Comic Con Ahead Of NYCC

Welcome to the return of the occasional–long-running Rich Johnston's Page 616 column on Bleeding Cool. Where stories, especially from comic con culture, run with the names removed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

Page 616 - Blind Item About Toronto Comic Con Ahead Of NYCC
Page 616 – Blind Item About Toronto Comic Con Ahead Of NYCC – Midjourney

Which comic book creator has been spreading highly exaggerated tales about a prominent comic book writer's personal life? To the extent that bad actors online had started calling for "interventions", when the troubled creator had already been receipt of help from friends, colleagues and professionals? And was by that time fine, sober and healthy?

Which comic creator continued causing trouble with this writer's friends recently at Toronto Comic Con by mocking the writer, to the extent that another creator had to be restrained from punching him rather hard?

Naturally, such violence would have been frowned upon if enacted – though the troublemaker also had the reputation of supporting and celebrating previous assaults at comic conventions from one comics creator to another. So some saw it as just desserts.

Indeed it turns out that the creator almost the subject of assault, was the one who got a dressing down from their publisher about how they behaved in public. And the one making the threats was lauded by colleagues and publisher alike.

It's New York Comic Con next week. Lots of people haven't been attending comic conventions, and some folk may have forgotten how to behave. And have mistaken online behaviour for offline behaviour. Word to the wise, maybe consider your sarcastic subtweets when made in person may have a different effect than on Twitter. But also don't use your fists as if they were fingers on a keyboard. Your life is not a live-streaming YouTube video.

It's a comic con, folks. They are meant to be happy places. If someone is spoiling that vibe, karma has a way of visiting its vengeance. Stay safe out there, folks – because if anything does go down, Bleeding Cool is everywhere. And if not, my DMs and inboxes are always open.

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