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Housebroken Season 1 E07 Review: The Pets Are Lacking Story Appeal
The conversations and jokes were funny when he had conversations with other pets, but otherwise, it felt bland I was hopeful after last week, but now I'm more concerned than thrilled for the future of HouseBroken. ( Bleeding Cool TV on Instagram: For all of the stuff too random and bizarre to make the site, make sure[...]
Housebroken: FOX's Upcoming Adult Animated Series Releases Teasers
These teasers are small glances at some of the pets the audience should be expecting to meet, and although short clips, they give a taste of some of the voice talents being brought on Fantastic names such as Tony Hale, Maria Bamford, Clea DuVall, Nat Faxon, Sam Richardson, Will Forte, Jason Mantzoukas, Lisa Kudrow, and more[...]
piggy's tale nycc 2017
Adam Wolfe writes from New York Comic Con 2017: Are you looking for a feel-good story about a wonderful dog and his adventures? How about a story that teaches kids how to properly treat, love, and respect their pets and animals? OK, aren't sold yet? How about a book where the proceeds go directly to charity,[...]
Marvelous Pet Heroes: Origins
We talked about other Pug heroes and then decided to add some other pets into the mix Thus the Catastic Four, Spider-Bunny, X-Frogs was created Our goal is to bring these creations to all ages in the comic lover's community We want our prints to spark creativity in a person's mind by submersing them in[...]
Dogs Get Involved In Avengers Vs X-Men Crossover
The X-Men seem a little outnumbered by their Avenger counterparts in this line of Marvel comics stuff for pets There are plenty of Avengers, but far too little X-Men apparel for your dog to wrap around itself or get its teeth into, in this line available at Petsmart Is this a precursor on how it's[...]