Batman #181 CGC 9.6 First Poison Ivy On Auction Today

Poison Ivy is all the rage now, but a funny story about this book, her first appearance in Batman #181. One day at my local Goodwill, I walked in, and there, sitting on the counter, was a pretty nice copy of this book. I asked how much, and they said $5. Now, I almost had a heart attack, and right as I was going to snatch it up, a fellow Goodwill employee came over and spilled an entire large pop right onto the book, soaking it. I had to leave quickly, or else I might have cried. Anyway, this CGC 9.6 copy taking bids at ComicConnect today for sure has had no pop spilled on it, and since it is currently sitting at $30,000, we will see how high it actually gets. Check it out below.

Batman #181 CGC 9.6 First Poison Ivy On Auction Today
Batman #181 CGC. Credit ComicConnect

First Poison Ivy Out Here trying To Set Records

"Inspired by a Nathaniel Hawthorne story, Robert Kanigher and Shelly Moldoff created the femme fatale Poison Ivy, immune to all toxins and able to control plants with her mind, the character's designers would have had no clue how Ivy would grow in stature to become one of the Bat-Mythos' most popular figures. Her romantic entanglements with Batman are the stuff of legend, and this issue is where it all started. Serious fans of Poison Ivy need to own a copy of this book. A stupendous copy, this Batman #181 bears a 9.6 grade from CGC and white pages. This cover is pristine, with a beautiful, flawless classic DC checkerboard banner and Batman logo. Batman and Robin scowl at each other as Poison Ivy stands between them, physically and emotionally. All three characters look so sharp on this iconic Infantino/Anderson cover. Having appeared in countless Batman comics, as well as movies, shows, videogames, and other spin-off material, Poison Ivy's first appearance will always be a sought-after key issue. There are only 3 CGC-graded copies higher than this. Make your friends and enemies green with envy by owning such a beautiful book. Overstreet Guide 2021 NM- (9.2) value = $3,800."

I wonder how high this will go. It has to be close to a record. Anyway, go here and follow along to see what it ends at, or if you have the funds, place a bid. While there, check out the other books taking bids that maybe you can afford.

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