Swatchmen: Racebending Connor Hawke For Earth 2 (UPDATE x2)

satoLast week we noted how Earth 2 Annual #2 changed the name of the bad guy from Francesco Francavilla, the same name as the comics artist, to that of Falcone.

In this weeks Earth 2 #20 , we meet the character Red Arrow who James Robinson said would be named Roy McQueen.

Instead he was revealed as being called Connor Hawke.

Who, in the Pre-52 was the Oliver Queen's young half-white quarter-black quarter East Asian son.

Observant viewers will notice one immediate change in his Earth 2 recreation.

Two Kryptonians still to come…

UPDATE: DC Women Kicking Ass also notes similar treatment for Onyx…

UPDATE x2: Jeff Lemire has replied,

Swatchmen is an irregular look at how the ethnicity of characters in comic books varies from one appearance or iteration to another.

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