Auction Night 3: Ghost Riders and Whipped Nazis

Comic Connect's mega-auction event rolls on with its third night of sales coming in, and once again there are quite a few key comics involved. Here are the highlights for the ones that have sold so far today.

Marvel Mystery 6

  • We start our report tonight with Marvel Mystery Comics #6, with a gorgeous copy rated CGC 9.2 selling tonight for $20,000. This was easily the best condition copy to go up for sale in a public venue in years, with the next closest having been an 8.0 that sold for $6,325 in 2003.
  • Going from the earliest days of Marvel Mystery to the latest, a CGC 9.0 copy of Marvel Mystery Comics #90, the third-to-last issue of the series, sold this evening for $2,222. The last copy graded 9.0 sold back in 2003, for $1,840, and that happens to be the only other one this highly graded to sell.
  • We had not one but two Marvel Spotlight #5, the first appearance of Ghost Rider (II – Johnny Blaze), selling tonight in CGC 9.4, both with off-white to white pages, and both finishing within $16 of each other, at $984 and $1,000. Both of these prices are a significant drop from previous levels for this book, as the two previous sales in this grade this year went for $1,500 and $1,700, and these are the lowest recorded prices at this grade since 2004.
  • The majority of the Ghost Rider appearances in Marvel Spotlight were up for sale tonight, with the CGC 9.8 copy of #7 being the best condition copy sold publicly to date. As a result, this book went high, selling for $824.
  • The gem of the night happens to be the book that kicked off the Silver Age, Showcase #4, which is the first appearance of Barry Allen. The condition on sale tonight was CGC 7.5 with off-white pages, and after 27 bids the auction closed at $14,200. This is a $2,000 price increase from a similarly graded one that sold last year.
  • Two more highlights to mention, with more coming later tonight: Master Comics #22 and #29. The first happens to hold the origin for Captain Marvel Jr., along with his first appearance on a cover, and Captain Marvel Jr is shown literally whipping Hitler's ass in the second. The #22, in CGC 7.5, sold for $1,850, while the #29, in CGC 9.2, sold for $4,300.

Master Comics 29In a couple of hours, we have a Superman #1 wrapping, and much more, so we'll be back at night's end for a wrap.