The End Of Sheltered Reminds Me Why I Hated The Minority Report Film

The End Of Sheltered Reminds Me Why I Hated The Minority Report Film

But apparently it went down badly and was removed.It needed that follow through in logic to make the whole point of the program make sense, to have any kind of emotional impact other then "aahhh, happy every after".Today's final issue of Sheltered by Eddie Brisson and Johnnie Christmas isn't exactly happy The compound in which the[...]

Cover Variance: Doctor Who Sheltered And Ninjak

Cover Variance: Doctor Who, Sheltered And Ninjak

Tomorrow sees the final issue of Sheltered, the Image comic book about kids against the rest of the world And Yesteryear Comics in San Diego have two exclusive variant covers...You can pick them both up here.... While here is their Ninjak cover by Jamie Tyndall, also in store tomorrow Or right here...Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #1 Comics To Astonish store[...]

45 Thoughts About 45 Of Todays Comics &#8211 Gotham By Midnight Arkham Manor Trees ODY-C Sheltered Batman Eternal Superman Catwoman Wayward Infinity Man Futures End Worlds End Wolverine &#038 The X-Men Dawn of the Planet of the Apes American Legends x2 Adventure Time Bee and PuppyCat Bionic Woman Butterfly Capture Creatures Clive Barkers Nightbreed Shadow Show Godzilla Dead Letters Dr. Spektor Flash Gordon Memetic Judge Dredd Purgatori Red Sonja Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Steven Universe The Amazing World of Gumball Turok Samurai Jack Transformers x2 GI Joe GI Joe Vs. Transformers Angry Birds/Transformers TMNT TMNT/Ghostbusters X-Files Edward Scissorhands

Talking Comics &#8211 Discussing This Weeks Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Death Of Wolverine Annihilator Prometheus: Fire And Stone Lazarus And East Of West

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Death Of Wolverine, Annihilator, Prometheus: Fire And Stone, Lazarus, And East Of West

Tell us below!Time stamps for this episode:04:55 Batgirl: Futures End #105:12 Batman: Futures End #105:24 Birds of Prey: Futures End #105:39 Constantine: Futures End #105:55 Green Lantern Corps: Futures End #106:07 Infinity Man and The Forever People: Futures End #106:21 Justice League United: Futures End #106:48 New Suicide Squad: Futures End #106:55 Superboy: Futures End[...]

Image Watch &#8211 Talking Umbral And Playing With Magic Words With Antony Johnston

Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston

Lazarus, Sheltered, Seconds, Pretty Deadly, Rocket Girl, Sex Criminals, Letter 44, Fatale, Trees, Six-Gun Gorilla, Breaks, The Wicked + The Divine, Princess Ugg, The Auteur…This is an absolute golden age of diversity in comics, and it's being driven by creators making original books they love It's what many of us have been striving towards for[...]

39 Thoughts About 39 Comics &#8211 Interesting Drug Trees Batman Nightwing Suicide Squad Chew/Revival Sex Crossed God Is Dead Thief Of Thieves Skullkickers The Star Wars Peanuts Elephantmen Sheltered Futures End C.O.W.L. Midas Flesh Deadly Class Tanpopo Batman Eternal Southern Bastards Dr Spektor Nightbreed Doc Savage Bravest Warriors Twilight Zone Star Wars Ghostbusters Samurai Jack My Little Pony Transformers Harbinger Shadowman Gozilla 24 City Dejah Thoris X-Files

Talking Comics &#8211 Discussing This Weeks Upcoming Comics Titles From Trees To C.O.W.L. And The Thanos Annual

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Comics Titles From Trees To C.O.W.L. And The Thanos Annual

Marvel #3, and Sheltered #9!Don't forget to answer the Question of the Week! Batman's life may depend on it!Thanks and take care!Time stamps for this episode include:03:35 Avengers #30, Deadpool #29, Mighty Avengers #1004:23 Batman #3105:37 Superman #3106:42 Nightwing #3007:38 Suicide Squad #3012:24 Trees #113:38 C.O.W.L #115:28 Clive Barker's Nightbreed #116:42 Doctor Spekter #117:50 Thanos[...]

39 Thoughts About 39 Comics &#8211 Original Sin Eltingville Daredevil Catwoman Larfleeze Justice League United Red Lanterns Batman/Superman Dead Body Road Sheltered Uber Crossed Gravel Lazarus Five Ghosts Fused Skullkickers 24 Eternal Warrior Harbinger Star Trek Regular Show Turtles City GI Joe Robotech/Voltron Godzilla Ash Moriarty Game Of Thrones Lady Rawhide Danger Girl Rogue Trooper Transformers Shotgun Wedding Bravest Warriors Midas Flesh Evil Empire And Peanuts

39 Thoughts About 39 Comics – Original Sin, Eltingville, Daredevil, Catwoman, Larfleeze, Justice League United, Red Lanterns, Batman/Superman, Dead Body Road, Sheltered, Uber, Crossed, Gravel, Lazarus, Five Ghosts, Fused, Skullkickers, 24, Eternal Warrior, Harbinger, Star Trek, Regular Show, Turtles, City, GI Joe, Robotech/Voltron, Godzilla, Ash, Moriarty, Game Of Thrones, Lady Rawhide, Danger Girl, Rogue Trooper, Transformers, Shotgun Wedding, Bravest Warriors, Midas Flesh, Evil Empire And Peanuts

We get a nice percussive pattern from today's Dead Body Road to some fine foul mouthed behaviour from the very mockingness of Eltingville..... to the despairing language of Lazarus, used to very visibly distinguish between the two groups here.Though if you are looking for the foulest of language, sometimes you just need Bleeding Cool's publish[...]

Thirty-Four Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics &#8211 Avengers New Avengers Adventure Time BPRD Nowhere Men Sheltered Morning Glories Zero Grimm GI Joe Transformers Imagine Agents Buzz Kill The Strain Brain Boy Bloodhound Star Trek: Khan Dark Nights Hellraiser X-Files Hunger Batwoman X-Men Legacy Wonder Woman Transformers X-O Manowar Batman/Superman Batman And Two Face Hawkeye Avengers Assemble Shoot First Guardians Of The Galaxy Bloodshot And Baltimore

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics &#8211 Infinity Love Stories (To Die For) X-Factor Superior Foes Of Spider-Man God Is Dead Uber Batman Black And White X-Men Legacy The Creeper Satellite Sam Sheltered Chew Witchblade Baltimore Garfield Mouse Guard Suicide Risk Catalyst Shadowman Quantum &#038 Woody Hit Deathmatch And The Star Wars

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – Infinity, Love Stories (To Die For), X-Factor, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, God Is Dead, Uber, Batman Black And White, X-Men Legacy, The Creeper, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Chew, Witchblade, Baltimore, Garfield, Mouse Guard, Suicide Risk, Catalyst, Shadowman, Quantum & Woody, Hit, Deathmatch And The Star Wars

In comics where he doesn't say "bastard".Sheltered brings out its madness as a conspiracy group that was hiding within another conspiracy group A kind of Truther Turdurken.. with the outer conspiracy group as shocked by the inside as the rest of the world is by the outside.Turdurken are forbidden by law in Chew, of course[...]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics &#8211 Superior Spider-Man Iron Man Cyberforce Robocop Burn The Ophanage Satellite Sam Sheltered Trillium Superior Foes Of Spider-Man Dial H Hunger The Movement Action Comics Detective Comics Luther Strode

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Superior Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyberforce, Robocop, Burn The Ophanage, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Trillium, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Dial H, Hunger, The Movement, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Luther Strode

Satellite Sam breaks out of the orbit of the first issue, but still finds everything just going around and around and around in its own enclosed system.Sheltered #2 gives us a group of young killers.. and a rather cold way of dealing with the slaughter of their parents I have to say this is a[...]

Batman Tops BC Bestseller List&#8230 But Creator Owned Comics Are Rising

Batman Tops BC Bestseller List… But Creator Owned Comics Are Rising

and that's not entirely what people were expecting.Batman #22 Justice League #22 Superman Unchained #2 Superior Spider-Man #13 Walking Dead #112 Uncanny X-Men #8 East Of West #4 Indestructible Hulk #107 Hawkeye #12 Sheltered #1Big week for key issues, we sold Amazing Spider-Man #13 (first Mysterio) and #50 (first Kingpin) and Flash #123 (first Earth-Two)Supurbia #9 from Boom Studios has only 20 interior pages[...]

A Very Sheltered Review

A Very Sheltered Review

Of course after reading issue 1 I'm no longer interested, I'm sold.In Sheltered we're treated to one of those survivalist camps that are no longer just for the religious zealot crowd Families and couples, set up behind fences and guard posts, armed to the teeth and preparing for (what they imagine to be) the inevitable[...]

Would You Like A Pre Or Post Apocalypse Walking Dead #112 And Sheltered #1

Would You Like A Pre Or Post Apocalypse? Walking Dead #112 And Sheltered #1

You may not see this coming...Sheltered #1 by Ed Brisson, Johnnie Christmas and Shari Chankhamma can't quite claim the same The twist here is pretty obvious through the reading of the comic, and you pretty much know what's coming at the end However, what comes next, well all cards are off the table.Set amongst separatists,[...]

Image Expo Opens Exclusive Comics On eBay Already

Image Expo Opens, Exclusive Comics On eBay Already

The Image Expo has opened. Frazer Brown is on the ground for Bleeding Cool. He tells us; I've just arrived at the Image Expo in San Francisco, doors have opened a little late at 9.15am. I barely got here due to the BART strike, and the occupy movement holding my bus for 20 mins in […]