First Trailer For BBC One's Moby Dick Film The Whale

I wonder if they started filming this before or after Ron Howard announced he was doing The Heart of the Sea. Anyway, it's the same story, but this is BBC's take on the doomed whaling ship the Essex, the true life inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

Martin Sheen plays an older version of Thomas Nickerson, who was a cabin boy upon the disastrous voyage, telling the story in flashbacks, with newcomer Charles Furness playing the kid in the midst of the action.

The cast also includes Jonas Armstrong as First Mate Owen Chase, Adam Rayner as Captain Pollard, Paul Kay as Joy, David Gyasi as Peterson and Jolyon Coy as Lawrence as well as Attack the Block star John Boyega in an unknown role.


The Whale airs on BBC One on December 22nd, at 9pm.

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