Forging Sergio Aragonés – The Sergio, Mark, and Tom Show at WonderCon 2018

Over the years there have been certain panels that I try to see whenever they happen, whether at SDCC or Wondercon. The Sergio, Mark, and Tom Show falls firmly into that category. I must have seen some iteration of this panel at least 7-8 times over the years. Why you ask. Well, because the panel never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Groo The Wanderer artist Sergio Aragonés, writer Mark Evanier, and colorist Tom Luth were in classic form for this WonderCon panel. They started the panel sharing what was coming up for Groo. Aragones said that he is working on Groo Meets Tarzan which they discussed at this same panel at WonderCon last year. This year, however, Aragones provided an update stating. That issues 1 and 2 would be out this year, but that issues 3 and 4 may be out by next years, 2019, SDCC. The book will also include art by Thomas Yeates working on the Tarzan specific art, similar to what Yeates did with the Conan art on Groo Meets Conan.

After that Aragonés said they will be working on Groo: Day of the Gods, which will be the third Gods series, following in order Fray of the Gods and Play of the Gods. This one will be four issues just like each of the other two series.

They shared a story about how Aragones forgot to tell Evanier that Boogeyman was being made and Dark Horse already had the covers for the first four issues on their website. Evanier found out a week and a half before the issue was due. Aragones was in Europe at the time, so by the time he got back they had four days to get the book done. Aragonés told Evanier no problem, that it was plenty of time, which it was.

They also talked about the proliferation of forged Aragonés sketches on eBay. Evanier said he didn't understand why someone would forge Aragonés art since he could do it faster than anyone else. They even tracked down one forger, who was also forging Bob Kane sketches, who lives in Thousand Oaks, CA, and runs a psychiatric counseling center and forges Groo sketches on the side. They weren't sure what they were going to do about the person, but it won't be pretty.

Forging Sergio Aragonés – The Sergio, Mark, and Tom Show at WonderCon 2018

A person asked the panel if they had one page that best represents them. Surprisingly, Aragones said the four pages he did on Lobo Annual #2 was one of his favorite pieces that he has done. Luth said there isn't just one page that he could pick, but he really likes any of the double spread pages because they can tell an entire story in and of themselves.

The panel finished up with Evanier talking about the other panels he will host this weekend and that Aragones would be available at his both most of the weekend.

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