Monday Trending Topics: I Have An Army. We Have A Hulk.

Monday Trending Topics: I Have An Army. We Have A Hulk.The past 36 hours have been all about that trailer for The Avengers, and in particular, what Loki's Army might be. We have a theory, which is being discussed and dissected far and wide.  There is another, less serious theory posted in the picture at right.  Let us know what you think in the forum, or how about right here in a poll:

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Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Loki's Army Revealed In Avengers Superbowl Trailer – And We Know Who They Are. Ish. 

We've finally been given a look at Loki's forces in the new, extended trailer for The Avengers, as premiered online just after a cut-down version graced the Superbowl.

Avengers Trailer – Let The Shipping Begin 

Shipping characters into slash fiction has been around for… let's go with "a while" shall we.

The Avengers Superbowl Trailer Is Here – And It's Extended

Here's the new TV spot for The Avengers as premiered during the Superbowl – just, longer now. And that's a good thing.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

"How Come DC Sell More Graphic Novels, But I Always See More Marvel?"

"Rich, just an observation. You recently reported how DC Comics was outselling Marvel in terms of graphic novels and trade paperbacks in comic stores. Yet in every comic shop I go into, I'm more likely to see Marvel hardcovers on the shelf? What's going on?"

Thor Vs Glowing Female Genitalia?

Thank you for all those who wrote to me after seeing the cover to Avengers Vs X-Men #4 as Thor trying to face down Phoenix, as man trying to face his fear of a glowing vagina.

Swipe File: A Ruse By Any Other Name

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