Just How Brickleberry Is Being Revived As "The Dirtiest, Most Insane Comic Books Of All Time"

Last week Bleeding Cool revealed that the Comedy Central cancelled cartoon Brickleberry, about the lives of a number of park rangers, was being revived by the original creators, Roger and Waco, and animators as a new comic from Dynamite.

The creators went to YouTube to confirm the news. Which hasn't, it seems, been watched by that many people. Okay, they also put it on Facebook and did a little better.

Let's see if we can help that at all. It's four issues long, and is set thirty years after the conclusion of the show.


The cliffhanger saw aliens land, kill off the rangers aside from Steve who gets carted away to an insane asylum run by cattle. Thirty years in the future humanity must be saved by Cable-lookalike Future Steve….

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