Live(ish) From the Games Shop – Dark Souls II PC, Trials Fusion PC, Tesla Effect A Tex Murphy Adventure, Broforce

By Jared Cornelius

I know I've said this for the last three weeks, but there's almost nothing out.  The console crowd gets shut out this week, so warm up your PC.  I managed to find a few titles, but this was by far the least active week of gaming releases since I started this column.  So sit back relax and read about PC ports that already hit consoles, an adventure game, and the maybe the most Michael Bay like game ever that slipped under my radar a couple weeks ago.

In this week's games that already came out, Dark Souls II leads the charge.  You know the drill, 3rd person action fantasy game with a grueling difficulty, so if that's your thing its now out on PC.  Start taking your bets on when the PS4 and Xbox One versions hit.  I've heard really good things about it from fans of the first title and if you've been waiting, the PC version is apparently the one to play.  Trials Fusion, the 2.5D grown up Excitebike game hits PC this week too.


Full motion video makes a return to gaming this week with Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.  Tesla Effect is a stylized adventure game that features actors in live action cut scenes.  Tesla Effect actually has some interesting cast members including Todd Bridges and Larry Thomas, (Seinfelds soup Nazi) but best of all Kevin Murphy!  That's right MSTies the voice of Tom Servo is in this game, if that's not reason enough to buy it I don't know what is.  The story returns titular detective Tex Murphy to post World War III San Francisco, where he has to solve the mystery of his own wiped memory.  I've never played a Tex Murphy game, but I know it was another Kickstarter success, and on a week like this there wasn't much else to choose from.  Tesla Effect:A Tex Murphy Adventure was supposed to be released Tuesday on Steam but has now been pushed to May 7th at the last minute…


Broforce from Devolver Digital is an amazing pixelated love letter to action movies and explosions.  Described by its creators as, "an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force."  The 2D platform shooter puts you in the role of a pixelated facsimile of 80's and 90's action stars and set you to work blowing up America's enemies.  Broforce features completely destructible environments, co-op, deathmatches, time trials, and more new levels and bro's incoming.  Broforce is currently in early access on Steam, so features aren't guaranteed to work and you can expect plenty of updates.  That being said, it still looks awesome, makes me want to go watch Team America: World Police.

Well that's all for this week, if you made it through this article I've looked into my new release crystal ball and there are actually games to talk about next week so stick with it.  I haven't been hurt too much by the drought Chroma Squad has been scratching my strategy itch, while Infamous Second Son has been keeping my PS4 warm.  Keep your eyes on Bleeding Cool for my other articles including Typing on The Dead where I recap the latest issue of The Walking Dead.  I also do other random articles throughout the week, like my review of X Volume One, Big Bad from Dark Horse Comics.  Until next week, stay gold.

Jared Cornelius is some guy from New Jersey's coast who would've been pulling out his hair if it wasn't gone already.  If you'd like to chat about spray on hair, contact him on Twitter @John_Laryngitis.  

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