Marvel Senior VP Tom Brevoort Gives DC Comics Some Tough Love

Always-outspoken Marvel Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort has been on quite a twitter tirade this week. Just a couple days ago he laid into an unnamed competitor over a subpar book, now he's calling DC out publicly over promotional material for War of the Green Lanterns.

As reported by Robot6 on Wednesday, Brevoort told his twitter followers, that a recent book from a competitor was so bad he used it as an example of what not to do in a Marvel meeting:

There's more craft evidenced on the plastic bag of FF #587 than on the whole of the issue we read yesterday. One of our editors read it and was appalled by it, so I thought it was worth further study by the group. Sometimes, a bad example teaches more by example. An absolute lack of understanding of character, theme, scene, pacing, lousy tinny dialogue, incompetent artwork…it was just a red hot mess

Many commenters took Brevoort to task for not naming names over that one, and he is more specific in tonight's tweets about DC. Apparently Marvel staff are in the process of sending a book to press, and flipping through Diamond Comics Distributor's Previews Catalog while they wait for the material to upload. About DC's War of the Green Lanterns listing in Previews, Brevoort says:

Official snark-warning! I'm about to say something ridiculous and relatively mean-sounding about the competition, so step away if you like.

But judging from the latest Previews catalog, the first casualties in the War of the Green Lanterns are the inkers and the colorists.

I'm sorry, @GeoffJohns0 –you know I love you, but that is not the way to put your best foot forward on a big storyline. Pencils look nice.

@justinwasson I would think. They just basically hastily colored the pencils for the catalog–didn't look good.

@BaronVonZorcula I've got a nice, thick skin. Kinda have to. And really, it's because I want to see DC do well too. I love those characters

You know what? Fair and balanced–the cover to BATMAN: EUROPA #4 is really strong. Great design by Jock.

DC Comics COO Geoff Johns is no shrinking violet on twitter himself, so it'll be interesting to see if he responds publicly.

Photographed by Luigi Novi

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