"Only One Man Has To Work At Yuletime And That's Me" Advance Review Klaus #5

Earlier today Bleeding Cool reported that BOOM! Studios Klaus may be making its way to the big screen thanks to Fox. This great news comes just in time for the release of a new issue of the action-packed series. Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora, Klaus continues this week with their fifth issue. With the series only set to consist of seven issues, I was expecting things to continue in an intense fashion. Heart pounding and emotional, this complex issue reveals Klaus more determined than ever to fulfill his Yuletide goals. However, the wretched enemy Magnus wishes to end our brave main characters mission.

I've consistently stated that this story is much more than the average Santa story, but at the same time, I keep waiting to hear jingle bells. Of course, I would be disappointed by a lapse in the mature nature of the book, but I worried that there would be no way to truly avoid that "santa" feel. I'm happy to report that I was wrong. I'm just as impressed with the fifth issue as I was with the first, and to watch this main character truly grow into his confidence and responsibility has been an adventure.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.29.24 PM

I enjoyed the symbolism behind the colors that we often recognize during that time of year. Just one of the many small details that adds to the overall experience when reading the comic. Without revealing too much, I am concerned about what will come in the next issue. Because of the nature of the story, there is no real security of knowing how this will all turn out. Morrison leaves us with an incredible cliffhanger that will leave you wondering what will happen next. With only two issues left after this one, I can't help but wonder if Klaus will succeed, or if things will take a turn for the worse. Find out for yourself with the release of Klaus #5 this Wednesday, and preview the first five pages below.

Klaus_005_A_Main Klaus_005_PRESS-2 Klaus_005_PRESS-3 Klaus_005_PRESS-4 Klaus_005_PRESS-5 Klaus_005_PRESS-6 Klaus_005_PRESS-7