There's a New Portal Game Coming, and It's a Mashup with Bridge Constructor

People have been waiting a long ol' time for Valve to announce a game that isn't MOBA or card-based. The notion of Portal 3 has floated around perhaps only just a little less intensely than Half-Life 3, with the world of science and testing still being one of the medium's favorite ever. Well, there is a new Portal game coming, which is great news. However, there are two bits of bad news: One, it isn't Portal 3, and two, it's not being made by Valve.

Instead, the company has let Headup Games and ClockStone Software borrow the licence to create a spin-off of Bridge Constructor. It's called… well, Bridge Constructor Portal. The game will see the Bridge Constructor formula plopped into Valve's world, which actually seems like a pretty fun idea all things considered.

The game is out on PC and mobile devices December 20th and will see a console release later on into 2018.

Here is a trailer for the game:

While yes, it's a shame we are still waiting for a mainline game from the series, I still think this is a fun mashup. Messing around with the physics and portals could certainly cause for some really fun puzzles.