September Mourning Talks About Being A Rock Band That Is Also A Comic Book

The Alternative Press' Josh Bernstein talked to rock band September Mourning about their move into comic books, comparing them to other collaborations between music and comic books, with September explaining that for them it goes far deeper, saying,

"For us, we are the comic book. Like the storyline, when I'm up on stage, I'm telling a story. I'm bringing our Children Of Fey, what we call our fans, we're reapers. We collect souls. I'm a human-reaper hybrid that was transformed by another reaper, and he fell in love with me and he gave me his powers. It's this crazy story about redemption and soul-stealing and second chances at life. But we try to do it so it would be this whole theatrical presentation of a comic book from day one." 

And on Top Cow's Marc Silvestri,

"Marc is insane, he's incredible, being in a room with him, you know that energy that you feed off n people when you're in a creative environment, it's times a million, developing the story with him has just been remarkable."

September Mourning's comic, published with Top Cow/Image, can be found here….


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