The Cross-Over Nobody Asked For, But We Can't Live Without

Hello Pals-o-Mine!


I'm a sucker for cross-overs.  When fictional universes collide, you can bet that I'll have a front seat.  Punisher vs. Archie, Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue; the more unlikely the crossover, the better!

You can imagine, then, how tickled pink I was to find this clip.

To celebrate the June 1st premiere of American Ninja Warrior on NBC, Lego has revealed one of the newest obstacle courses in stop-motion brick form.  Your favorite ANW competitors (in brick form), alongside Ninjago characters will preview the latest obstacle courses, one a week, for the next four weeks.

Once they stop releasing videos, I'll only have my "The Shmoo Meets Dr. Heider" fanfic to satisfy my crossover jones.

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