The Disappearance Of Jason Todd – Wednesday Trending Topics

batmanincI love these little preview/final page changes that pop up publicly from DC from time to time. And so do the rest of you, my analytics tell me. An interesting little meta viral that keeps us paying close attention.  I could almost believe DC is doing it on purpose at this point.

Most-Read Comic Stories Wednesday:

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes To Batman Inc #13 

A preview page of Batman Inc #13 reveals a last minute change from Jason Todd as Wingman on the left, replaced by Dark Ranger on the right in the finished comic, published today.

Uncanny X-Men Really Goes There – "The Uncle Tom Of Mutants"

Lots of cool stuff happens in today's Uncanny X-Men by Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo. But something tells me this little line might be the one to get the message boards chit-chatting.

Eighteen Thoughts About Eighteen Comics – Tom Strong, Batman Inc, Animal Man Annual, Batman Annual, Uber, Collider, Detective Comics Annual, Morning Glories, Bedlan, Sex, X-Men, Superman Annual, Captain Marvel, What If AVX, Absolution, Guardians Of The G

Grant Morrison's Batman comes to an end. Not with a bang, but with a moo and a miaow.



Most-Read TV/Film Stories Wednesday:

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Promo Videos, Trask Website And Sentinel Images

So here's the X-Men: Days of Future Past version, starting with an ad for Trask Industries. This was all seeded at Comic-Con, you may recall.

Star Wars Episode VII To Shoot This August, Production Alias Revealed 

As with Return of the Jedi and the prequels, Lucasfilm will be using a production alias for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. The regularly dependable Jedi News would seem to have scooped that the code name this time will be Foodles.

Scoop: Everything We Know About Duncan Jones' Warcraft Film

Now, though, an image has come together of where the project is headed and it looks like Jones is planning a full-blooded fantasy movie, as much like John Millius' Conan as The Lord of the Rings. This is definitely proper Sword and Sorcery stuff.




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