The People You Meet At San Diego Comic Con – First In Line Guy

By Will Romine

Hello Friends!

I'm reporting here at SDCC, in the Preview Night line, with only eight hours to go until the doors open. Now, I thought I had arrived early but lo and behold, there's a guy who arrived earlier.   This interview is part one of ??? of my "The People that you Meet at SDCC" series.  Today's interview, we meet the First-in-Line guy.  Enjoy!


Meet SDCC 2014's official "First-in-Line Guy."  His name is Ian O'Hara and his story is one for the ages.  Ian hails from the greater Los Angeles Area.  After enjoying several rounds of  Jell-O shots and beer, he sauntered into the line at 10:30 last night.  As bacchus's kiss turned into a slap, the effects of his rumspringer set in.  "I'm very hungover" admits o'Hara.  I don't suppose the San Diego sun is helping much.

O'Hara is not a man without a plan.  As soon as Converse touches carpet, it's straight to the exclusives he goes.  His white whale for this Con is the Power Rangers Green Ranger Dragon Dagger.

Godspeed Ian!  The entire BleedingCool nation is rooting for you.  To get more updates from the con, follow me @notacomplainer.

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