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A few years ago, Channel 5 in the UK (yes, gentle readers, the UK only has five terrestrial TV channels and at least one of them is powered by hamsters), ran a series of extremely striking TV ads for their imported drama line up. This was when House was just starting to get big, CSI Miami had yet to fully descend into hilarious self parody, CSI New York was still sort of flirting with being the darkest of the three shows and Prison Break hadn't gone utterly, completely mad. They were minimalist, eloquent, striking adverts, the sort of campaign that speaks for itself as much as what it's trying to sell. Here's one of those now.

Those iconic, close up face shots are the work of Mitch Jenkins, a thirty year veteran of the photography industry. Jenkins has worked with The Times magazine in the UK for the last two decades and has played a part in the rebranding work done in recent years for Sky, Channel 5, and A&E in the US. He's also an old friend of Alan Moore, which is where this gets interesting.

The two initially collaborated on Unearthing, Moore's piece about a man in a relationship with a moon goddess, but as Jenkins points out on his site, this quickly expanded. The project, under the aegis of Orphans of the Storm, their production company, has expanded into a series of live shows and a spoken word piece which the pair are in the process of releasing in boxed set form.

Their current project will mark Moore's first work written specifically for the screen. Show Pieces is to be a series of occult-tinged short films directed by Jenkins and written by Moore. The original plan was for a single movie, Jimmy's End, but the project has apparently now expanded into a multi-episode story.

The first part, Act of Faith has already been shot in London and stars Siobhan Hewlett of Sherlock and Torchwood. The second, Jimmy's End, is scheduled to be filmed later this year in Northampton. Journey's End is scheduled to debut at The Creator's Project event in New York in October before being made available through their website. They're an interesting group, based around the desire to use technology to push creativity so I'd expect some unusual directorial and narrative choices when the movie opens.

We've talked about this project before, and it seems to have grown again since the last time Moore discussed it. What will it look like when it's done?

We'll see in October.

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