Tom Hanks To Voice David S. Pumpkins In SNL Halloween Special

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It's not the ghosts, ghouls or goblins you need to be afraid of this All Hallows' Eve, kiddies…oh no! Shiver with fear as the black and orange suited living embodiment of fear and his two skeletal lackeys do their worst to scare the hell out of you this Halloween season.

Any questions?

Tom Hanks To Voice David S. Pumpkins In SNL Halloween Special

That 's right, fright fan! Saturday Night Live's David S. Pumpkins is returning to NBC for the Halloween-themed animated half-hour special, The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special. Set to air on Saturday, October 28, the special is based on the hugely popular "Haunted Elevator" sketch from the fourth episode of SNL's Season 42. The sketch featured Tom Hanks as the mysterious David S. Pumpkins, riding an elevator with two skeleton-dressed dancers (Mikey Day, Bobby Moynihan) as they "greet" a couple (Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon) on the "100 Floors of Fright".

I could never hope to do it justice, so here you go:

Set in a small suburban town on Halloween, the special centers on David Pumpkins and his skeleton sidekicks as they show a young boy and his sister the true meaning of the holiday…and find a way to not answer any of their questions in the process.

Tom Hanks To Voice David S. Pumpkins In SNL Halloween Special

The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special will feature the voice of Hanks, who will also appear live at the beginning of the special. Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage (???) will also be appearing; and sketch creators Day, Moynihan and Streeter Seidell will have voiceover roles. Bento Box Entertainment will provide the animation; with Day, Seidell & Moynihan writing and producing. SNL creator Lorne Michaels will executive produce.

The character quickly developed an online cult following, spawning fan sites, memes and some fine quality cosplay:

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Two weeks prior to today's announcement, Hanks took to Twitter and Instagram to tease the return of David S. Pumpkins by posting a picture of a page from the special's script:

The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special is set for Saturday, October 28, at 11:30 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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