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Hunger Games Prequel Now Adds Peter Dinklage In Key Role
Peter Dinklage will come aboard as Casca Highbottom, dean of the academy "Dean Highbottom is one of the most powerful people in Snow's life As the austere and vindictive face of the games, he sets the rules that will determine every aspect of Coriolanus's fate I'm thrilled that Peter will be bringing him to life,"[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder - 9 HQ Images and a New TV Spot
While there are those within the MCU who jokingly spoil some plot points of their projects, like Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, a newcomer to the universe Christian Bale revealed two characters that were already introduced in Eitri (Peter Dinklage) and the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) won't be appearing in the upcoming[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Toxic Avenger returns this year in a new film from Legendary, starring Peter Dinklage The film has no release date yet, nor a trailer or even photos out yet, but it has been rated The rating for the new movie is R; in case you had any worries that they would try and tone it[...]
Cyrano: Anatomy of a Failed Musical
It was director Joe Wright's attempt to update the musical but ended up with many elements that just didn't work. "Cyrano" still: United Artists Cyrano is a reworking of Edmund Rostand's 19th Century play Cyrano de Bergerac by Erica Schmidt, starring Game of Thrones alumnus Peter Dinklage in the title role The musical was originally staged in[...]
game of thrones
Since the start of the new year, we've been hearing a lot from Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, who's been open & honest about his thoughts on George R R Martin's global phenomenon as well as the fans devoted to it and how the series was received post-finale So when we saw that Dinklage[...]
Game of Thrones Star "Relieved" GOT Ended; Offers What He Misses Most
A little more than a week ago, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister opened up to The New York Times during an interview in support of his film Cyrano, getting social media buzzing about his comments regarding some of the HBO series' fanbase and how they reacted to the series ending (more[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Peter Dinklage, who is starring in the new film from Legendary, swears in a recent interview with Empire that this new film will be the same depraved lunacy as the 1984 cult classic and just as crazy Everyone is kind of wondering what direction it might go since, let's face it: Troma and Legendary are[...]
6 Photos from 'Game of Thrones' S8e3: The Battle for Winterfell Begins
So when we heard that Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister had offered his thoughts on the series finale during an interview with The New York Times in support of his new film Cyrano, we felt the need to dive back into the debate one more time When we realized the actor was addressing how fans[...]
Jacob Tremblay Joins the New Toxic Avengers Movie
The upcoming Peter Dinklage-led Toxic Avenger reboot film added to its cast today Jacob Tremblay will join Dinklage in the film Legendary announced the reboot back in 2019, also hiring Macon Blair as the director of the film The original was released in 1984 by Troma, of course, and the cult classic has spawned sequels,[...]
Game of Thrones, HBO
"If we forget where we've been" as it cuts to a close up of a gaunt Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) "and what we've done," later to one of Brann Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright), "we're not men anymore" showing the mournful expression of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Image courtesy of WarnerMedia/HBO We see a shot of Daenerys Targaryen[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Peter Dinklage will be taking out the trash as gruesomely as possible, starring in The Toxic Avenger reboot film from Legendary with Macon Blair set to direct and write Best known for his roles in Green Room (2015) and Blue Rain (2013), he directed one other feature making his debut in 2017 with I Don't[...]
'Game of Thrones' Final Season Loose Ends, Fandom Catharsis [OPINION]
In the final episodes, she lost those who held her back and grew more distrustful of who was left in Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Photo by HBO Dany can be fair and just, but if she doesn't have to wait for a trial, she won't How out of character was it for[...]
Who Will Survive The Battle of Winterfell in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8?
He may also have further use going into the finale as white walkers plan to factor in the Battle of King's Landing. Varys (Conleth Hill), Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) – Most of these names are going to be in the Stark family crypt, which many[...]
5 Questions We have After ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiere 'Winterfell' [SPOILERS]
Since the events of the season seven finale, Cersei's made her intentions known she's willing to commit fratricide on both her brothers after her Hand, Qyburn (Anton Lesser) offers him Joffrey's crossbow, which was also used in Tywin's (Charles Dance) murder at Tyrion's (Peter Dinklage) hands. The temptation of better standing with the Seven Kingdoms and[...]
Peter Dinklage Talks Post-Game of Thrones Life, and Tyrion's Final Day
Peter Dinklage (along with the rest of the Game of Thrones cast) has been done with the series for some time Filming on the 8th and final season of the HBO series ended back in July, and life moves on. Peter Dinklage at the "My Dinner With Herve" HBO Premiere Screening, 2018 Photo by Kathy Hutchins / In[...]
HBO Previews Peter Dinklage as Fantasy Island's Villechaize in 'My Dinner with Hervé' Teaser
This fall, the life of Fantasy Island actor Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) and the circumstances that led to his story being told will be on display in HBO Films' My Dinner with Hervé. Unfolding over one night in Los Angeles, the film tells the true story of the unlikely friendship that developed between Villechaize and struggling journalist Danny Tate (Jamie[...]
Game of Thrones Treezero Tyrion Lannister 7
Tyrion's outfit is completely tailored, and the likeness to Peter Dinklage is spot on as well The deluxe version, costing $198, will come with everything in the regular version and includes the map markers from Dragonstone Each of those features detailed sculpting and there are nine in all. Check out full details and photos below! #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
Hope You Guess His Name: Peter Dinklage to Star in Sony's 'Rumpelstiltskin'
Maybe that's not super exciting on the surface, especially if you were a fan of ABC's Once Upon A Time and Robert Carlyle's version of the character, but add in a Game of Thrones star and we're interested. Peter Dinklage at the Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room on September 20, 2015 Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Variety says that according[...]
Tom Hanks To Voice David S. Pumpkins In SNL Halloween Special
Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage (???) will also be appearing; and sketch creators Day, Moynihan and Streeter Seidell will have voiceover roles. Bento Box Entertainment will provide the animation; with Day, Seidell & Moynihan writing and producing SNL creator Lorne Michaels will executive produce. The character quickly developed an online cult following, spawning fan[...]
Lionsgate has released an official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Rememory starring Peter Dinklage, Julia Ormond, Martin Donovan, Henry Ian Cusick, Evelyne Brochu, and the late Anton Yelchin It's directed by Mark Palansky and co-written by Palansky and Michael Vukadinovich. In the story, we follow the unexplained death of Gordon Dunn (Donovan), a visionary scientific creator[...]
'My Dinner With Hervé': Andy García As Ricardo Montalbán In HBO Movie
With production currently underway, HBO Films has announced that Andy Garcia (Internal Affairs) has been cast as actor Ricardo Montalban opposite Peter Dinklage's Herve' Villechaize and and Jamie Dornan's Danny Tate in My Dinner With Hervé Garcia will also be joining fellow cast members Mireille Enos (The Killing) as Villechaize's longtime girlfriend Kathy Self; Oona Chaplin[...]
HBO Films Casts Mireille Enos, Two More For 'My Dinner With Herve'
Following-up their release of a "first-look" photo from the set of My Dinner With Hervé, HBO Films announced that Mireille Enos (The Killing) has been cast in the key role of Villechaize's longtime girlfriend Kathy Self opposite Peter Dinklage's Villechaize and Jamie Dornan's journalist Danny Tate Joining Enos in the casting announcement are Oona Chaplin[...]
HBO Releases First-Look Photo Of Dinklage As Hervé Villechaize
Originally announced in May 2017, HBO Films has just released a first-look photo of Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) in the title role from My Dinner With Hervé, a look at the life of actor Hervé Villechaize Villechaize came to fame with the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun and as the co-star of[...]