Wednesday Runaround – Still All About The Gay

VegasWatch: Darick Robertson, Robert Kirkman and Jason Aaron join the guest list of MorrisonCon.

GayWatch: This is the year the comics industry turned gay. But CNN asks if a comic book character's sexual orientation really news? By running a story about it. So, yes, obviously.

GayWatch2: Erie TV looks at a local take on said news;

"I would say that we've probably sold more copies of this than we would normally sell," said Books Galore Assitant Manager Doug Phillips.  "Certainly the media attention has increased awareness of this particular (comic book) issue."

According to Phillips, it's not uncommon for major comic companies to put a new age spin on original heroes.

"Diversity is a good thing and we're seeing a lot of the major publishers really diversify their lives," said Phillips.  "Racially, sexual orientation, religious orientation, all that. So a lot more diversity going on these days."

With the ongoing debate in this country over gay couples rights, Mike Mahler of the Erie Gay News says it's reassuring to see comic books discuss the issue.

"There are people out there that certainly go through a certain amount of processing coming out,"  said Mahler.  "But it's not difficult for everybody and it's good that there are characters in popular culture that reflect that."

GayWatch3: Marjorie Lui talks about writing a gay wedding for Astonishing X-Men #51.

To Liu, stories about romance are stories about vulnerability. "If you think about it, it takes tremendous courage to reach that level of intimacy required to fall in love with someone," she said. "And so in writing romance…we're writing about that act of faith. And so I looked at Kyle and Northstar in a similar way."

Despite the politics surrounding this storyline, Liu did her best to simply focus on the relationship. "I was just concerned about their relationship and telling the best story I could," she said. "The rest falls away. If there's going to be controversy, that comes later. But in the moment when you're writing, you worry about the story." Backlash is the least of her worries.

ConWatch: The Examiner reports from the Granite State Comic Con.

Flanagan asked how they got into writing. Ciaramella said that like most comic book writers, he grew up wanting to draw comics. "We realized that we sucked at drawing," Ciaramella said of himself and many comic book writers. Then next option: writing. Soule added that he got into comic book writing after failing as a novelist.

After joking that he makes more money in comics than writing for Penthouse, Hill had the same response: failed novelist. Members of the panel and audience seemed to disagree. Hill explained, "My dad's a writer. My dad's Stephen King. I decided that I wouldn't write as Joe King. In college I decided to write as Joe Hill." Hill confessed that he wrote many rejected novels. He has found moderate success with his haunting novels Heart-Shaped Box and Horns, but he now seems to be best known for his IDW series Locke & Key.

IndiaWatch: Anurag Kashyap goes comics-to-film;

"I have a very good equation with Raj Comics. It's their property and they will be the co-producers of the film along with our company, Phantom," says Anurag. He believes that Doga will be a bigger film than Bombay Velvet.

"There's still some time to go. And it will require a lot of work. We have already started preparations for the film," says the filmmaker.

Kashyap is a self-confessed comics fan whose interest in the genre seems to go beyond cinema. He is also set to turn graphic novelist himself with a new Raj Comics series. "I can't reveal the subject as yet. I will do that only after its completion. But yes, work has started on it. I always wanted to do a desi novel. I've grown up in North India, so I know such comics inside out. A lot of English comics guys also approached me, but it never worked out. I am a very desi guy at heart," says Anurag.

FreakWatch: The month long art show at Synchronicity in Los Angeles starting off with a two  days of comix events called Freak Scene, featuring the likes of Johnny Ryan, Josh Bayer, Benjamin Marra, Tom Neely, Jason T. Miles, Victor "BALD EAGLES" Cayro, Pat Aulisio, Jim Rugg, Derek M Ballard, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Shalo P, Peter Gray Hurley, Jason Karns, Heather Benjamin and Keenan Marshall Keller.

MileWatch: The Mile High Comics' Opening Night party for this weekend's Denver Comic-Con is tomorrow from 5 PM – 11 PM, at their Jason St. Mega-Store, with Neal Adams, Dan Conner, James O'Barr, Michael Uslan, Georges Jeanty, Barry Kitson, Bob Layton, Jason Aaron and Jimmy Gownley…

Wednesday Runaround – Still All About The GayThis is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

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Exclusive: Marvel Assembles New Animated Series for the Hulk and Avengers –

The Avengers movie has been the ambassador to the world for the Marvel Universe so we want a show that has the feel and the tone and the incredible adventures like that movie. So the next project that we're working on – and this is down in our lab, top secret, with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents protecting us at all costs – is Avengers Assemble, which will be a brand new and really extraordinary looking animated series dealing with the Avengers in that same world.


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