Wednesday Trending Topics: "Polishing The Bumper On Someone Else's Old Car"

Gotta say, I love the sentiment expressed in Eric Stephenson's blog today.  Mostly because I've been thinking recently that our current group of industry EICs and other top execs is — with one or two notable exceptions — mostly a pretty low-key bunch.  It hasn't always been so, but the echoes of excelsior! have been growing pretty faint in recent times, for better or worse. They do interviews and columns from time to time, but it's gotten relatively rare to see unscripted sparks like this from the upper echelons of the publishers.  Can you imagine if twitter had existed during the height of the Mark Alessi / Bill Jemas era?  That would have been fun.

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Eric Stephenson Slags Off Marvel And DC Over 2012 Publishing Plans

In his private blog, the publisher of Image Comics, Eric Stephenson,has come out with a rather strong assault against Marvel and DC. And possibly a challenge.

SPOILERS: The Secret Behind The Collectors Of Action Comics #4

I always like to be blindsided by a comic. One that gives me some pieces of information, holds it in the open light, but then misdirects me completely. Then later, just when I'm not paying attention, slots all the disparate pieces together leaving you going "Aaaaah, that's what was going on."

Paul Cornell Off Stormwatch After Issue 6 

Bleeding Cool told you there would be bigger changes in the new DCU after issue 6. And so it has come to pass.

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3D Trailer: Emma Frost, Zatanna, Catwoman And Supergirl In Superheroine 3D XXX – SFW 

Lexi Belle is Supergirl, Lizzy Borden is Catwoman, Chanel Preston is Zatanna, Alexis Texas is Emma Frost, in the first of the superhero porn parodies in 3D. Although from this SFW trailer, there doesn't seem to be a lot of parody, more rolling around on couches.

First Images Of Steven Moffat's Irene Adler From Series 2 Of Sherlock

This story introduces another key player in the Holmes mythos – Irene Adler, figured in just one of Doyle's stories but used as a romantic prop in countless do-overs, reimaginings and derivations.

First Trailer For The Three Stooges Movie

The Farrelly Brothers have tried for years to get this Three Stooges do-over made, and finally they've succeeded. In getting it made.

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Wednesday Trending Topics: "Polishing The Bumper On Someone Else's Old Car"

Wednesday Trending Topics: "Polishing The Bumper On Someone Else's Old Car"

Wednesday Trending Topics: "Polishing The Bumper On Someone Else's Old Car"

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