Scotching Those X-Men 4Chan Rumours – And Telling You What Is Really Going On

Sometimes anonymous rumours posted on 4Chan are true. Mostly they are false. But they do get posted around the place a lot. Take these X-Men 4Chan Rumours that have been posted on message board after message board. and have been filling my inboxes with people asking if they are true or not.

What usually happens is that you get a mix of things that have been mentioned elsewhere, rumours that have run on Bleeding Cool and a load of made-up nonsense, some of which are on the money. Which is also the kind of thing that Bleeding Cool gets accused of, but I hope our history is a little better than that.

Anyway, here are a few things I have been able to check. Let's see what comes out in the wash.

Scotching Those X-Men 4Chan Rumours – And Telling You What Is Really Going On

I'm sure you all won't believe me I won't

but I got a hold of some details about the upcoming Uncanny X-Men. No, you didn't. But I did.

The biggest thing here is that CB Cebulski think X-Men are the future of the publishing line and has been fighting to reposition Uncanny X-Men as the premier Marvel book. All of Marvel feel that way. It is just that now they are allowed to do something about it.

They want their biggest guns so they are actually bringing in Hickman. Jonathan Hickman is not writing X-Men.

Uncanny will run bi-weekly through January before they release Adjectivless X-Men as a companion book. Uncanny X-Men will be multi-shipping at points, like many Marvel books. But there is no Adjectiveless X-Men planned. One central X-Men book, Uncanny X-Men.

They are trying to keep some big names on the art team, even though they can't just have one guy do the whole thing. Russel Dauterman, David Marquez, and ACO are in the initial art rotation with Yu doing covers. Yu is doing covers, and Jordan White posted some snippets online before this was posted. But none of those artists are on Uncanny.

Wolverine was already coming back and he is going to be on the team. Wolverine is not on the team.

Bishop, Cable, and Jubilee are going to be a big part of the team, as is Psylocke. Because of the whole Akira Yashida thing, CB said her Asian body had to go. Bleeding Cool already ran the story that Psylocke is going caucasian again, but that came from the creative teams. It's also something Chris Claremont wanted to change originally. Oh and no Cable.

Professor X will be a leading the team. No, he won't. No Professor on the team.

The success of X-Men Red It was a success, congratulations.

put Hickman in a tight spot. He's not on the book.

It and Astonishing will continue through the winter and their characters will stay in their own books. Cyclops coming back is a big part of Extermination. An adult Cyclops is not a big part of Extermination 

Sunspot will be funding it and leading. Sunspot not funding or leading.

An X-Factor book from Rosenberg. No X-Factor book from Rosenberg.


Now, remember, these are the only ones I've been able to personally scotch after talking to a lot of people. Others I didn't get answers on. But I hope it's enough to make the point for those still post and spreading this one around.

In fact, it's so wrong that I'd have thought he'd have got more right by chance. Maybe it's a Marvel false flag posted to get everyone talking without spoiling a single thing?

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