Rob Liefeld vs. the Millennials

Back in September, superstar comic book artist Rob Liefeld found himself under attack by a group of rabid teenagers, fending them off from all sides in a brutal Twitter war. But tangling with Generation Z was just the warmup, as Liefeld found himself this week "besieged" by Millennials for round two of online generational warfare.

It started, as all good fights do, when Liefeld made fun of Marvel's propensity for relaunching the X-Men.

Liefeld has been a vocal critic of Jonathan Hickman's HoXPoX relaunch, which is beloved by many Millennials, so its no surprise his tweet prompted a negative response.

But things soon turned personal as Millennials broke out their most advanced weaponry: memes. Or, to be more specific, the same meme over and over.

Somehow, Liefeld managed to withstand this blistering meme assault and prepared to return fire.

He also attempted to score points on a technicality: he is not actually a Boomer.

Not that Liefeld has any problem with Boomers.

It's just that…

Liefeld also pointed to his sales on X-Force in response to claims he was jealous.

He also proved that you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks…

…when he learned how Brazilians express laughter on Twitter.

Mostly, Liefeld remained unphased by the attacks.

And he even found an ally in fellow Image founder Erik Larsen.

Liefeld even made overtures to his former enemies in Generation Z, perhaps in hopes they mind find common ground against the Millennials?

No, as Liefeld says, age is a non-issue for him.

So which generation do you think Rob should take on next? Is it time for him to turn his attention to the Boomers? He'd probably need to go to Facebook for that since we're not sure Boomers know how to use Twitter. Stay tuned, true believers, we'll be monitoring this situation as it develops.

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