Scarlet Witch, The Pretender Of Krakoa? (SWORD #1 Spoilers)

In Strange Academy #5, we got a look inside Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch's e-mail inbox. In which we see Hank McCoy inviting the Scarlet Witch to Krakoa – even though she is no longer a mutant. And her father being all pally as well.

What Is Hank McCoy Planning For The Scarlet Witch?
What Is Hank McCoy Planning For The Scarlet Witch?

Even though in House Of X #4, she has quite the reputation as the second highest mutant genocidal figure on the list.

What Is Hank McCoy Planning For The Scarlet Witch?
What Is Hank McCoy Planning For The Scarlet Witch?

As well as what she then went and did with all those Genoshan mutant dead, by turning them into zombies – including some who had already been revived on Krakoa. Professor Xavier knows "No More Mutants"…

What Is Hank McCoy Planning For The Scarlet Witch?

Well, in SWORD #1, they recognise the antipathy towards the Scarlet Witch. With Abigail Brand pointing out that her son, Wiccan, is married to the Kree/Skrull Emperor, Hulkling.

Wanda Maximoff, The Pretender Of Krakoa? SWORD Spoilers

And that Scarlet Witch has been declared an Enemy of the state of Krakoa. Which is nice. Previouly known as the daughter of Magneto and believed to be a mutant, that was all done away with. No longer a mutant, no longer a daughter of Magneto and no longer a problem when dealing with competing studios over the movie rights. A mutant Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could appear in the X-Men and non-mutant versions could be in the Avengers. But it does leave Wanda with quite the reputation.

What Do You Need Six Teleporters For Anyway? SWORD #1 Spoilers

Will bringing back the Scarlet Witch into the Krakoan fold be a necessary diplomatic move for SWORD?

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