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Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
Presumably written by SWORD's Al Ewing. I am sure we will learn more at the appropriate juncture. Destiny Of X Look for more with the final issue of S.W.O.R.D #11 published tomorrow. Rising out of the ashes of INFERNO and emerging out of the vital time-travelling mission in X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE comes The Second Krakoan Age of[...]
Cover image for SWORD #11
SWORD comes to its conclusion in this preview of SWORD #11, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics Check out the preview below. SWORD #11 MARVEL COMICS OCT210875 OCT210876 – SWORD #11 RENAUD VAR – $3.99 (W) Al Ewing (A) Jacopo Camagni (CA) Stefano Caselli THE FINAL FRONTIER? Sword Station One is crashing to Earth The Lethal Legion is poised to destroy[...]
The Mutant Rules of Krakoa In Today’s X-Men Comics (Spoilers)
There's even a sign, however inappropriate it might be. Little bit on the nose? While "Murder no man" is the issue in X-Men: Green #12. Though Nature Girl seeks to add a little nuance to that. And in SWORD #8 on Arakko – Mars renamed for the new mutant nation… …it seems to extend to murder no alien. Though Nature Girl[...]
Cover image for SWORD #10
What did you click on, Steve?! What did you do?! Anyway, the show must go on, amirite? This brief preview of SWORD #10 shows Storm attempting to engage in diplomacy as the ruler of Arakko It goes about like you'd expect Check out the preview below. SWORD #10 SEP210929 (W) Al Ewing (A) Jacopo Camagni (CA) Stefano Caselli STATION[...]
Cover image for SWORD #9
Next up is a preview of SWORD #9, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics Planet Arakko has some important visitors arriving in this preview: Empress Xandra and the Imperial Guard! But Storm isn't there to greet them because the mutants of Arrako keep challenging her right to lead them What, have none of them[...]
No Excalibur or S.W.O.R.D. in Marvel's January Soliciations
#11 AL EWING (W) • JACOPO CAMAGNI (A) Cover by STEFANO CASELLI Variant Cover by Paul Renaud THE FINAL FRONTIER? Sword Station One is crashing to Earth The Lethal Legion is poised to destroy the diplomatic zone Abigail Brand is ready to make her move But how far ahead did she plan? How many losses will she accept? And[...]
Today's X-Books Remember When Storm Beat Cyclops Without Powers
#8, Storm has her own fight going on, on the planet Arakko as her regency is challenged by Tarn The Uncaring of the Arakko Great Ring Council, a mutant who can edit his opponent's DNA in mid-fight. Storm in SWORD #8 Who takes her powers away, and transforms her in the process But as we all remember,[...]
Cover image for WOLVERINE #16
Wolverine #16 and SWORD #8 are both in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and in honor of Wolverine's double-endowment (and because Marvel stingily only gave us a total of four actual preview pages for both books), we figured we'd combine them both here in a double feature preview so that, like Cyclops, you can[...]
Cover image for SWORD #7
In this preview of SWORD #7, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, Storm repays the favor, treating Doom to some fine dining on Planet Arakko You would think this would be a fine time for revenge, but instead, Ororo serves up a delicious meal, while Doctor Doom serves up compliment after compliment Is this[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adding Wolverine, SWORD, Way Of X, Pride, GOTG
We have continued to take timestamps and tried to line the events up from this week and last into one Hellfire Gala timeline… with Planet Size-X-Men, it just ramped up a gear, and with today's SWORD #6 it did the same, not once but twice We looked at the impacts of the comic books here, but[...]
What's Up With Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, At Marvel? (Spoilers)
We already looked at some of the big news breaking in today's SWORD #6 regarding the future of the Marvel Universe, and the effects that Krakoa and Arakko will have on every Marvel Comics title from the street-level to the super-cosmic But that's not the only issue up for grabs today – there is also[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adding Wolverine, SWORD, Way Of X, Pride, GOTG
Today, the Marvel Universe sees the publication of SWORD #6, following on from last week's Planet-Size X-Men, and is another of what the X-Men line calls a "red book" – a title you pretty much have to read if you are following the Krakoan storyline more widely Previous examples in recent weeks were Marauders #20[...]
Cover image for SWORD #6 GALA
SWORD #6 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, continuing the Hellfire Gala crossover event, in which Marvel stretches a single night across twelve separate comic books in an attempt to suck their gullible readers dry of all their money It's an amazing feat, to be sure, but not nearly as amazing as watching[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021
Because Marvel's August solicitations are missing Excalibur, New Mutants and SWORD from the line-up While Children Of The Atom is looking a little peaky. No Excalibur, New Mutants or SWORD in August From Marvel Comics CHILDREN OF THE ATOM #6 VITA AYALA (W) • Paco Medina (A) • Cover by R.B SILVA Variant Cover by BERNARD CHANG NO ONE LIKES[...]
Marvel Comics Launches The Last Annhiliation Crossover In July
Marvel Comics will see Al Ewing's titles SWORD and Guardians of the Galaxy, reviving a previous cosmic crossover as The Last Annihilation. And it comes with a Mystery Marvel Silhouette as well. Known for his long-term world building and big payoffs, mastermind writer Al Ewing has completely revolutionized Marvel's space-based sagas, introducing exciting new developments such as[...]
The Federico Vicentini variant cover to Way of X #1, by Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021
Marvel will release three X-Men comics in stores next week: SWORD #5, X-Force #19, and the debuting Way of X #5 Not sure if you should shell out the thirteen bucks it will cost to buy 'em all? Check out these X-Men comics previews below to help make your decision. In the first of our X-Men[...]
The Week in Comics
Still, thanks to a corporate merger, a line-wide relaunch, and Jonathan Hickman's giant ego, the X-Men can finally get back to doing what they do best: being objectively the best franchise in all of comics for lovers of soap opera drama. SWORD #4 This issue is, thankfully, the end of the dumbass King in Black crossover[...]
X-Men Krakoa Spoilers
Last week's King In Black: Marauders saw the team try and rescue Storm and Cyclops from their Manhattan Knullification, and SWORD has been tying to teleport mutants in and out. But during the whole battle, Henry Peter Gyrich has his own plans In the comics, Gyrich was the first person to be given the title of[...]
King In Black Spoilers
King in Black comes to Fantastic Four, Sword, Daredevil, Black Pamther and Thunderbolts this week, five crossovers and tie-ins as Knull's dragons, symbionts and space goo covers the planet Although some participants have other concerns Such as safe sex orgies in Wakanda. King In Black: Black Panther #1 Sorry, maybe "sheaths" is more of an archaic term[...]
wandavision - Kat Dennings and Randall Park
And as much as the reality-altering mystery is a large reason for that, so is the excellent supporting cast that includes SWORD folks Capt Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), Dr Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), and Agent James "Jimmy" Woo (Randall Park)- beginning with  "We Interrupt This Program." Now, Park is opening up to EW on what it[...]
WandaVision (Image: Marvel)
Darcy, and SWORD's resources, none of that seems enough to break through to Wanda As you're about to see in the following new poster key art, the walls between realities and falling apart faster than Wanda can fix them- what happens when it's too much for even her to handle? And are we the only[...]
wandavision - Kat Dennings and Randall Park
Monica Rambeau was cast of Wanda's (Olsen) "paradise" that Randall Park's SWORD Agent James "Jimmy" Woo and Kat Dennings' Dr Darcy Lewis would be making their appearance And they did in a big way by offering viewers some serious backstory on how Westview became the apex of Wanda's reality-altering ways (assuming she's the one fully[...]