Comic Book Publisher BOOM! Studios Vows to Put a Bear in Space by 2020

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced plans to go to the moon by the end of the decade. Nearly sixty years later, explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has set a similar goal, except what was once one small step for man will now be one giant leap for bearkind. BOOM! announced plans to publish Space Bear, an original graphic novel by Ethan Young "presenting a timely, silent sci-fi story about discovering the unknown and empathy for everyone we encounter because every friendship begins with an act of kindness." And also about bears in space.

From the press release:

Pilgrim Finch is an adventurous astronaut bear who explores the cosmos with a mission to bring samples of life back to his home planet. But when he crash lands on a new planet full of surprises and danger around every corner, Pilgrim will be forced to question his orders and learn that there's only one mission that matters – compassion for all living creatures, no matter the stakes!

Young says of the project:

SPACE BEAR is one of my favorite projects I've worked on that is meant for readers of any age. My aim was to make a wordless story that early readers, as well as kids and grown-ups will love. I hope you enjoy following Pilgrim's adventures as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Space Bear will be published on BOOM!'s equally explosive KaBOOM! imprint in June of 2020. Check out the cover and a high-res photo of Young below.

BOOM! Studios Vows to Put a Bear in Space by 2020


BOOM! Studios Vows to Put a Bear in Space by 2020


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