Spider-Man And Deadpool Take Down Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Well here's a comic book that was rewritten just before publication. Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 is a fill-in issue with Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness taking a break for Scott Aukerman and Reilly Brown to fill-in.

With this little Captain America interruption being added in the last few weeks… 
Image (86)…alongside some recognition of the Fox/Marvel issue  right now. But, as Deadpool participates in a movie about himself, deliberately lifting an early Amazing Spider-Man plot, it gets rewritten into other superheroes. Which gives us this movie… noting that Hyperion and Nighthawk are Marvel analogues of Superman and Batman from Squadron Supreme – and who both have ongoing titles for now. Until October anyway.

Image (85)


After all the Deadpool movie kinda outperformed Batman V Superman's far higher budget. Not that Spider-Man gets out completely unscathed…

Image (85)Look at his eyes changing shape…


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