Stan Lee's 'With Great Power' In Today's Comic Books – and Playboy Magazine

It seems strangely poignant picking up today's comic books from Orbital Comics in London (I'm hanging around, seeing Fantastic Beasts tonight). On Monday, Stan Lee died, and so many of the titles on the shelves bear his touch, his influence, his lineage.

But two jumped out today. Written, drawn, printed and distributed all while Stan Lee was still with us. But on sale now that he is gone.

The first, sees Spider-Man addressing the now-a-bit-grown-up Franklin Richards, in Fantastic Four #3.

Stan Lee's 'With Great Power' In Today's Comic Books – and Playboy Magazine

And paraphrasing the line that Stan Lee will always be associated with, from Amazing Fantasy #15 with Steve Ditko. And because this is Dan Slott writing, getting the 'must' but right as well.

Stan Lee's 'With Great Power' In Today's Comic Books – and Playboy Magazine

But he's not alone, DC Comics has the final issue of Mister Miracle #12, so solidly based on the DC work of Jack Kirby, it even revived the character who Jack Kirby created as a satire on Stan Lee, Funky Flashman. Who is also quoting Stan. Though missing out the 'must' bit. Come on Tom, beaten by Dan on this?

Stan Lee's 'With Great Power' In Today's Comic Books – and Playboy Magazine

However that final quote is from something else entirely, Stan Lee's reported final meeting with Jack Kirby, as told to Playboy Magazine in a now-deleted article.

'the last thing Jack Kirby said to me was very strange. I met him at a comic-book convention right before the end. He wasn't that well. He walked over and said, "Stan, you have nothing to reproach yourself about." He knew people were saying things about me, and he wanted to let me know I hadn't done anything wrong in his eyes. I think he realized it. Then he walked away.'

It is strange how just a few days can change the interpretation of both moments so much.

(W) Tom King (A) Mitch Gerads (CA) Nick Derington
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(W) Dan Slott (A) Sara Pichelli, Nico Leon (CA) Esad Ribic
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