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Superheroes Battle Coronavirus Pandemic in New Comic "Infectious"

In the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the world has tried everything. Mask-wearing. Social distancing. Bleach injection. Ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Vaccines. Horse dewormer. More vaccines. Maybe it's time for bold new ideas. Enter Infectious, the new comic on Kickstarter by writer Arcadio Bolaños and artists Juan Alarcón, Kaskajo, Alberto Aguado, Juan Álvarez, César Hernández-Meraz, Barry Hall, and Lucas Gattoni.

Superheroes Battle Coronavirus in New Comic "Infectious"

On the Kickstarter campaign page, Bolaños writes:

I've been writing and publishing comics for years now, but despite my profound love for the superhero genre I had never written story about it until now. I guess subconsciously I was waiting for the right idea to show up. And that happened shortly after the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, when I was quarantining with my significant other. In a matter of a weeks, our relationship started to deteriorate and I had no idea how to make things better. It was obvious the relationship was going to end, and that's what happened. But predicting the future doesn't make it any easier to bear. Being single again made me feel sad and discouraged, and I did what probably many of you have done in similar situations: I went back to my safe place: superhero comics. I spent hours and days reading and re-reading some of my favorite DC and Marvel titles. And much in the same way my relationship couldn't be saved, I thought about the frustration superheroes might experience dealing with Covid restrictions. And that's when I started writing this comic. It's my way of answering the question "can superheroes fight against coronavirus?" but it's also my way of dealing with the loss of a relationship that at some point was the most important thing in my life.

Backing Infectious on Kickstarter starts at $10 for a copy of the comic, which Bolaños plans to have printed by the first week of December. Other backer levels range up to $50 and include signed copies, limited edition prints, and other rewards. Bolaños is hoping to raise $1,000 for the comic, and it's more than halfway there already with a week and a half to go. Can Bleeding Cool readers help put it over the finish line? Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Infectious here.

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