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Superman Battles Brainiac For The First Time, On Auction Today

Superman's ultimate baddie will always be Brainiac to me. Give me a foe that uses brains over brawn anytime, especially against Superman; I get so tired of the argument that all Supes comics are boring since he cannot be bested physically. Brainiac is a different beast altogether, and I would love to own his debut someday. On auction at ComicConnect right now is an affordable CGC 2.5 copy of Action Comics #242, his debut, and also the debut of the bottle city of Kandor. This is a classic issue, this one is currently at $320 as of this writing, so some of us could afford to buy it. Check it out below.

Superman Battles Brainiac For The First Time, On Auction Today
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Superman Keys Are Due For An Uptick

"Curt Swan cover; origin & 1st app. Brainiac; 1st app. of the shrunken city of Kandor. Brainiac is a super-intelligent alien android who has a penchant for shrinking cities down and storing them in bottles. In his first appearance, he captures Metropolis, but Superman escapes his imprisonment only to find that the villain has also stored his Kryptonian home city of Kandor in his menagerie in this important issue that looms large in Superman lore. Brainiac would go onto become a major player in DC's stable for years to come."

They really need to do a big screen version of Brainiac whenever they do the next Superman film. Enough with the Zod's and Luthor's. We need a fresh villain and a new wrinkle on screen for Superman's powerset. If you have been waiting to pick up a copy of this at a decent price, this will be your chance. Go here for more info and to place a bid if you would like to. While you are there, check out the other books taking bids right now and the rest of the week, there is some great stuff.

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