Surrey Mounties Look For Owner Of Abandoned Comics

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking for the owner of an abandoned stack of comic books. They were found near a squatter's camp inside the Green Timbers forest on August 30h. They are said to be in mint condition and inside their "plastic wrapping".

If you are looking to inquire about them, contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

They also sent out a photo with one covered blurred because it was a bit "naughty".


Not the biggest news story ever… but its one I wanted to run for a few reasons:

First it tells us that the public opinion of comic books has changed enough that instead of just tossing them away or taking them home for their kids, the Mounties have taken the time to put out word about what looks to be thirteen comic from the mid-90s.

Second it makes you wonder just what this guy was collecting. A Spider-Man annual, two copies of Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Punisher, a Marvel Year-In-Review for 1994, Venom, Iron Man, Sovier Super Soldiers (I don't remember this being a book) and Sleepwalker… all Marvel comics. But then a Hero Illustrated insert comic, three from Heroic Comics in Icicle and a double dose of Lady Arcana and then something too blurred to recognize. But I've got to say I'm curious what Mounties consider naughty. Not exactly a big, expensive collection.

Third… it kind of makes you sad thinking that if this is somebody's collection, a baker's dozen of twenty-year old comics that he kept bagged and boarded even though they were living in a squatter's camp. This may be all that they had and its sad to think they don't have them anymore.

So I hope word gets back to the owner of these books that they are safe and in the care of the Mounties waiting to be claimed.

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