Talking The End Of Aliens / Vampirella

Issue #4 of the Dynamite / Dark Horse miniseries Aliens / Vampirella hits stores this week, but Byron Brewer talked to writer Corinna S Bechko about the ending of the series and the things she learned while working on it. Cover art by Gabriel Hardman. 

Aliens-Vampi 6BYRON BREWER: Corinna, in February your great miniseries will reach its climax with issue #6. As a writer, have you learned anything about yourself while doing this very involved mini?

CORINNA S. BECHKO: One thing I learned was how much fun can be had in scripting something that is wall-to-wall mayhem and action. I love to write sci-fi, but a lot of it up to this point has been more about problems caused by people (or ape-people, or fish-people, or… well, basically politics) than straight-up action. I also love to write horror. In this mini, I learned that mixing them is more rewarding than I had imagined. I'm really proud of the work Javier and I did on this book, and I'm so happy that Dynamite gave me the chance to live in this world for a little while.

BB: I would imagine the Xenomorphs from Aliens are very hard to plot and script. How did you meet this challenge?

CSB: That was an interesting challenge, since you know going in that you can never truly know them. They are intelligent, you can intuit some of their reasons and logic, but you can't really understand what they want or why they want it. But to me that makes them perfect monsters, and I had a lot of fun with trying to figure how they would react to any given situation.

BB: Were there any subplots or characterization that you had to leave out?

CSB: Of course! I'd have loved to have the room to tell everyone's back story, especially after I saw how much personality Javier gave to every single character through the visual storytelling. Originally I thought I might tell a little more of Sarah and Lars' past, but in the end it was their relationship during the mini that was important. Those stories all exist, but only in my head (and maybe in Javier's head too… I know he gives a lot of thought to each character as well as their place in the story)

BB: Does #6 bring this tale to an absolute conclusion, or are there threads that might be woven into another Aliens/Vampirella mini if demand was there?

CSB: The mini is complete and tied up at the end of #6, but I think there are still places it could go, certainly! I'd actually love to tell the story of the first vampires on Mars, the Nosferatu who came to such a terrible end thousands of years before humans got themselves there. They are monsters from a human perspective, but I found them to be rather tragic figures as well.

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