Taskmaster #3 Review: On A Mission

The world of clandestine operations may seem an odd place for a guy in an orange, white and blue costume with a cape and a skull mask. Taskmaster #3 shows how the title character not only manages but thrives in a world of everyday people making undercover deals, dropping him into South Korea and shining a spotlight on a rarely seen but super interesting area of the Marvel universe.

Taskmaster #3 Review: On A Mission
Taskmaster #3 Cover. Credit: Marvel

Taskmaster is on a mission: to exonerate himself for a murder he didn't commit, he has to use his photographic reflexes to copy the gait and demeanor of three of the world's most dangerous operatives. After nearly getting killed getting a look at Phil Coulson, he has to get. Exterior to Ami Han, director of a South Korean agency that's part CIA and part Avengers. Jed McKay's script delivers with humor, Marvel-specific technology, fantastic action scenes, and pitch-perfect pacing. Likewise, the artwork of Alessandro Vitti, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna all do some great things. Taskmaster hitching a ride is brilliantly depicted, a hallway fight is gripping, and even an HVAC system becomes a trap, fraught with peril.

The ticking clock element of this book is also great, with Natasha Romanov rolling up like an inexorable T-800, all focus and determination, and providing a great character interaction that had fantastic tension. This book is succeeding in making Taskmaster a super engaging presence, kind of a NoHo Hank meets Christopher Chance from the Human TargetTV series. That's an all-new lane that leans a lot of lessons from the cinematic universe while losing nothing that makes comics great. RATING: BUY.

Taskmaster #3
By Jed McKay, Alessandro Vitti
TARGET: AMI HAN! Taskmaster's journey to clear his name brings him to South Korea's national super human espionage agency! But before he can target Director Han, he'll have to go toe-to-toe with the White Fox!

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