Terrific Production LLC Wants to Make Comic Artists Millionaires Through Financial Planning

Terrific Production LLC has yet to announce the creative teams or release dates of any of its upcoming comics, but the new Youngblood publisher does have a plan for comic book artists to become millionaires. All they have to do is save their money.

Terrific knows that math may not be the strong suit of people who draw comics for a living (or else surely they'd get a higher-paying job), so they broke it down for them. $500 per month saved over the course of forty years will turn a comic book artist into a millionaire, and all they have to do is draw one comic book at a page rate of $22.73 per page and then save all of that money instead of spending it on things like rent, food, healthcare, or other expenses. Or they could simply make money per page so they can eat as well. Easy peasy!

Terrific's plan could make a big difference in the lives of comic book artists, who often have to take to crowdfunders to pay for health care due to the comics business offering no benefits and often deciding people don't deserve work anymore once they reach a certain age.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and Terrific's financial advice was soon poo-pooed by one of their "haters." But Terrific Production quickly offered a solution for comic book artists who cannot afford to save $22.73 per page: save $11.37 per page instead and make due with just $500,000 in retirement.

But Terrific's math wizardry didn't end there. The publisher revealed that, just as one could save half the money and end up with half the sum at the end of 40 years, an artist could also do double the work, save double the money, and end up with double the money 40 years later. Genius!

Unfortunately, some people don't believe that Terrific's plan is reasonable.

Maybe one day, this publisher that is totally for sure going to publish actual comics any day now will get the appreciation they deserve. When that day comes, they will be willing to forgive all the doubters, naysayers, and poo-pooers. So long as they apologize.

The saga continues…

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